Industrial Dumpster Winnipeg

Industrial Dumpster Winnipeg

Are you charged with a major cleanup and/or clean out of an industrial property? It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. You have to contend with all sorts of metals, wood, concrete, electrical, and other potentially hazardous items. Furthermore, the property is rarely located in a convenient place. Consequently, you need to rent an industrial dumpster for requirements that most area services cannot provide solutions for. This is where Affordable Bins comes in. Budget-wise, the benefit is already conveyed in our name as we’re the most cost-efficient (when factoring in our premium service) option in the region. Beyond that, Affordable Bins will accommodate all other needs. Please read ahead to learn more.

Why Affordable Bins is the Only Industrial Dumpster Rental Service Winnipeg Manitoba Can Depend On

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything for brick-and-mortar businesses that depend upon customer accessibility. Industrial enterprises however, are often located in rural areas, and in some cases these rural areas are extremely challenging to get to for service providers. Thankfully, one of Affordable Bins top advantages is “location, location, location” in that we can get your dumpster rental/s to your industrial property no matter where it may be located in Winnipeg and the surrounding area (click to view service area). This is made possible due to the fact that we have a fleet of vehicles and machinery to get dumpsters placed in hard to reach areas. We have flat bed trucks in addition to cranes that can elevate and position dumpsters in the most convenient place (for YOU) on the industrial property. Moreover, we have handpicked and trained staff that can work with and around logistical inconveniences, and a few nightmares. If you’re concerned that your Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba property is too challenging to get to, give us a call at 204-222-6004 to ask before it bothers you any further.

Dumpster Types for All Industrial Junk, Scrap, and Waste

As alluded to in the introduction, industrial properties often have the most challenging “collection” of scrap to contend with. This is no challenge for Affordable Bins. Click the links below for more information on the dumpsters that we have available for whatever junk you have on site:

Unsure about other types of waste? Call us at 204-222-6004 to inquire.

Industrial Junk Removal Service Too

In addition to industrial dumpster rental, Affordable Bins offers junk removal too. All that you need to do is schedule pickup and our team will arrive to remove your dumpster/s and responsibly dispose your scrap so that you don’t have to. You’ll be left with a clean industrial site that will be ready for whatever is next.


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