Dumpster Rental for Scrap Metal

Dumpster Rental for Scrap Metal

Winnipeg is a heavy metal kind of town, but we’re not talking about our Iron Maiden and Metallica fanbase. Instead, we’re referring to the amount of scrap metal generated from the residential, commercial, and industrial activity in the city. It’s a side effect of a large number of construction, renovation, retrofitting projects that need to be dealt with in an efficient manner. It all begins with an Affordable Bins dumpster rental. Here’s why.

Why You Need Affordable Bins Dumpster Rental Service to Manage Your Scrap Metal Load

The Safest and Most Effective Way to Collect and Sort Hazardous Scrap Metal On Site

Next to toxic waste there is nary a more threatening material to have laying about a project site. From aluminum siding to zinc panels metal is inherently hazardous to laborers, contractors, and all site visitors. Scrap metal in disarray can lead to lacerations, trips and falls, and more. It needs to be kept off the ground and collected in a safe receptacle for sorting and disposal (recycling, etc.). 

Affordable Bins has a fleet of sturdy and secure dumpsters to accommodate your current and ever-changing needs. Our popular 7-cubic yard bins are used for scrap metal on a number of residential construction/renovation sites, but our 15 and 20-cubic yard bins are often employed for commercial and industrial builds and retrofits.

By having appropriate sized bins on site and placed in easily accessible (for workers and contractors, as required) locations you ensure that necessary bodies can safely toss the scrap inside, instantaneously mitigating the risk to the health and safety of others. And don’t worry about scratching or dinging our dumpster bins with heavy and/or sharp-cornered discardable panels, fencing, beams and everything in between. Our dumpsters are built-tough and will easily manage your load. View all dumpsters sizes and rates.

We Remove It Too

It’s great to have dumpsters on site to gather and sort scrap metal, but what about the ultimately unused aluminum, carbon steel, copper tubing, and stainless steel? Whether you want it transported for storage or want it gone from your site (and sight!) for good for recycling we can manage that for you as well. That’s right, in addition to dropping off your dumpster rentals as needed, we will pick them up as soon as you need us to and take them to their intended destination/s. View more on our scrap metal removal services.

Ready to talk about your scrap metal dumpster needs? Whether you know exactly what you want to could use some advice on sizing and/or rental duration we’re more than happy to answer your questions. Simply contact us at 204.222.6004 to get the ball rolling.

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