Dumpster Rental (and Removal) for Bricks

Tearing down or renovating a literal brick & mortar and need to deal with the building’s bricks? You’re going to need to rent at least one dumpster for this project, and maybe more. Let’s take a look at why you should have dedicated dumpsters on site before you get to work with a sledgehammer and […]

Dumpster for Branches and Brush Removal

We’re in the thick of autumn in southern Manitoba and that marks the best time of the year to remove haggard brush from your property. Other plants (those you want to keep on your property) are dormant at this time of the year so you don’t have to worry about disturbing them and their soil […]

Why Rent a Dumpster Bin for Your Event

Dumpster bins rentals are for more than residential/commercial/industrial property moves and renovations. There are numerous other applications that few parties consider, and one arena that can benefit from a bin hire service more than many is the event sector. If you are an event promoter or organizer in the Winnipeg area and you have a […]

Why Rent a Bin for Moving

A lot of households rent a dumpster bin for their renovation projects but this piece of equipment is essential for another residential change – moving. If you’re like most people, moving day (more like a week) is a dreaded event and anything that can speed up the process will be accepted with open arms – […]

House Renovation Project Plan – Begin With a Bin

Do you have a renovation coming up for a single detached property in the greater Winnipeg area? As you know, before breaking ground, tearing down a wall, or raising the roof (literally) a solid plan must be in place. While we’re no home renovation experts, we are an instrumental part of the process because without […]

Who Needs to Rent a Dumpster?

Not sure if you need to rent a dumpster? There are many projects that could be made better and more efficient with a bin to collect and dispose of junk, and possibly more. However, not everyone thinks of a dumpster bin for a variety of tasks. Today, we take a look at a few key […]

Retail Shop Renovation Project Plan – Why Begin With a Bin

Is your Winnipeg brick and mortar retail business preparing for a significant renovation? Of course, that’s why you’re doing research on a shop renovation project plan. No matter what you uncover along the way, there’s one box to check before everything else – a dumpster bin rental. There are obvious reasons for needing this (a […]

Best Dumpster for Moving – 7 Cubic Yards of Greatness

Have a moving day on the horizon? While the general concept of a relocation is great (assuming you’re moving on up!) the physical act itself is not exactly the best way to spend a summer week/weekend in Winnipeg. Packing up cherished possessions and furnishings to go along for the ride is fine but the junk […]

Commercial Junk Problems – More Than an Unsightly Mess

As a commercial enterprise you collect a bit of a mess from time to time. This may come soon after a major inventory change, a renovation, relocation, or even a weather event that has caused damage to commercial property and its contents. Some businesses take a bit longer to deal with the debris, as they […]