Should I Rent a Dumpster? 5 Scary Things That Can Happen if You Don’t

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us, which has inspired us to answer your question about whether or not to rent a dumpster with a haunting take on the matter. If you have a residential relocation, renovation, or cleanup on the horizon, there are a number of hair-raising things that can happen without a dumpster on-site. […]

Dumpster Rental for Auto Body and Mechanic Shops in Winnipeg

Never mind the oil and grease stains, as auto body and mechanic shops are a hot bed for scrap from the vehicles that roll (or are towed) in and out of the facility each day. To ensure obstacles don’t impede upon workspace, nor present a danger to the public, mechanics, and other personnel, your place […]

Dumpster Rental for Community Gardens and Farms

Autumn season is upon us (at press) and all over Winnipeg and its surrounding townships community garden/farm planners and organizers are in the middle of the harvest. Others are preparing entirely new plots to get ready for the next planting season, and are having to transition old residential, commercial, or industrial land into urban agricultural […]

Dumpster Rental and Removal Service for Scrap Cars and Parts

From used car lots and auto shops to rural properties and yards, unsalvageable vehicles and their parts are a space-consuming eyesore and hazard. However, removing automobile scrap from an area is no easy task, which is why you may have been putting it off for far too long. Need motivation? Start by renting dumpster. When […]

Dumpster Rental for Apartments

The fundamental difference between a multi-residential property designated as an apartment and condominium is ownership. An apartment complex is typically owned by a large corporation which rents out each unit to individuals and households throughout the greater Winnipeg area. As a rental-only operation, the organization bears the responsibility for upkeep of each unit and shared […]

Dumpster for Metal Tubes and Pipes

Commercial, agricultural, and industrial property contractors and other related parties have a lot of different materials and scrap to contend with. Metal is among the most challenging, especially when tubular in nature. The shape is innately difficult to manage, as one wrong move and it can all come tumbling down. And hopefully it won’t be […]

Backyard Dumpster Rental

Are you in the middle of (or about to undertake) a relocation, renovation, landscaping project, or spring/summer cleanup of your home? Whatever the case may be, the backyard typically bears the brunt of the junk, scrap, and rubbish created in the process. But in just one-day a small pile can become a mountain. All of […]

Dumpster Rental for Strorage Facility

TV programs such as Storage Hunters and  Storage Wars make it seems like there’s gold within abandoned lockers and units of storage facilities. The reality, is that most of it ends up in a scrap pile. This pile is compounded by the things that current and expiring renters no longer want, something that they quickly realize as […]

Dumpster Rental for Scrap Boats and Other Marine Junk

Winnipeg and the towns that are included in our service area have a number of docks and marinas that host watercraft and related constructs that connect the populous to Red River and ultimately Lake Winnipeg. Over time, the boats, vessels, and established mooring spaces take a beating from extreme weather (wind, etc.), especially if they […]

Dumpster Rental for Exercise Equipment Scrap

Are you a fitness facility owner in the midst of an upgrade and need to get rid of old gym equipment? Do you manage the athletics department at a local school and are tasked to clear out old elliptical trainers to free-up space for weights and better machines for your student athletes? Is your Winnipeg […]