Dumpster Rental for Winnipeg Film Productions

While “Hollywood North” is a moniker generally attributed to Vancouver BC and Toronto ON, it seems that central Canada is getting attention from film producers too. Two weeks ago (at press) CTV New Winnipeg reported that Winnipeg is about to become the “busiest place in the country” with respect to film productions. From Hallmark Christmas […]

Add a Dumpster to Your Wildfire Preparedness Plan

“Despite recent rains, Manitobans are being reminded to remain vigilant as overall conditions remain extremely dry and communities across the province have experienced several human-caused wildfires this season, the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) said.” Winnipeg Sun, May 2024 While BC and Alberta gets most of the press when it comes to the threat […]

Add a Dumpster to Your Tornado Preparedness Plan

According to the University of Winnipeg, tornadoes are most probable from May through August, with June and July being the most likely months for the weather event to occur. There are an average of 7 to 10 tornadoes within our neck of the province each year, which makes it a very real threat to homes and […]

Industrial Dumpster Winnipeg

Are you charged with a major cleanup and/or clean out of an industrial property? It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. You have to contend with all sorts of metals, wood, concrete, electrical, and other potentially hazardous items. Furthermore, the property is rarely located in a convenient place. Consequently, you need to rent an […]

Where to Throw Away Mattresses in Winnipeg

If you’re wondering where to throw away mattresses (more than one) in Winnipeg, you’re probably tasked with a renovation and/or clean-out of a multi residential property, hotel, hospital, or other building that hosts a number of overnight stays. You may even represent a retail space that sells bedroom furnishings which has sustained flood or fire […]

Where Can I Dump Old Furniture Near Me

Is it out with the old and in with the new when it comes to household furniture? Or are you tasked with a residential or commercial/office renovation and need to get rid of unneeded and unwanted sofas, chairs, tables, shelves, and/or cabinets? Whatever the case may be, you’re online and searching “Where can I dump […]

Dumpster Rental for Malls

Between traditional malls, strip malls, factory outlets, and commercial plazas there are dozens of shopping centers in the greater Winnipeg area. These destinations are non-stop hubs of activity. On a daily basis they experience waves of shipments (in and out) and hoards consumer traffic in addition to a seemingly endless stream of renovations and retrofits. […]

Road Work Dumpster Rental in Winnipeg

Municipalities within Winnipeg are consistently ranked among Canada’s fastest growing communities. This is made evident in many ways. For instance, it’s getting harder to find parking anywhere near the downtown core, and bottleneck traffic is occurring not just during traditional rush hour, but random times of the day. To correct the latter (while ironically contributing […]

Dumpster Rental for Schools

There are nearly 80 schools within the Winnipeg School Division. This makes it the largest school district in the Province of Manitoba. At least one of the institutions within the district undergoes some form of a renovation, retrofit, and/or expansion through each and every annum. A lot of junk, scrap, and waste is created throughout the […]