Dumpster Rental for Moving in 2020

Because boxes aren’t enough anymore… With Winnipeg home sales rising steadily despite all that’s going on across the world, a lot of households in the city are in the middle of a relocation. Summer is prime time for a move, but while the sunny skies and balmy temps may make things easier, moving can still […]

Dumpster Rental for Landscaping

We’re in the middle of summer in the Greater Winnipeg area and throughout the region both residential and commercial parties are in the midst of landscaping projects. As you know by now, a lot of waste is generated in the process, which is why you need a dumpster rental. But there are other applications for […]

Dumpster Rental for Household Trash

Our service may be best known for heavy duty applications in Winnipeg’s commercial, industrial, and multi-residential sectors, but don’t be mistaken – providing a dumpster rental for household trash is really where it all started. And believe us, it’s necessary. Community Research Connections (CRC) reports that the average Canadian produces an estimated 2.7 kg of […]

Dumpster Rental for Home Remodel

Spring and summer mark home remodel time in the greater Winnipeg area. While the outcome of such a project is exciting, the process isn’t quite as enjoyable. Having to manage all of the junk and waste that comes from a remodeling is one of the biggest pains, but it doesn’t need to be, not when […]

Dumpster Rental for Furniture

Nothing takes up interior square footage quite like unwanted furniture. But the size, weight, and awkward dimensions can make removal from a space a pain in the rear. Plus, there are city bylaws that prevent you from simply kicking a sofa (etc.) to the proverbial and literal curb. Thankfully you have a partner to assist […]

Reopening Winnipeg – How Dumpster Rentals Help Businesses Start Fresh

After two-months of living with an economic shutdown Winnipeg brick and mortar based businesses are now able to open their doors to accept customers. While Manitoba has flattened the curve on COVID 19 and the city of Winnipeg has among of the lowest number of cases of metropolises across Canada, the commercial sector is committed […]

Why You Need a Dumpster Rental During the COVID 19 Crisis (Residential)

Last month we released an article on why commercial and industrial businesses need to rent a dumpster to remove waste and create a more sanitary environment amidst the COVID 19 crisis. Now it’s time to switch pivot to the residential sector, with a focus on the needs of multi-residential property owners and managers. Why Winnipeg […]

Why You Need a Dumpster Rental During the Coronavirus Crisis (Commercial / Industrial)

It’s a crazy time, but the positive news is that Manitoba has joined its Western Canada counterparts in nearly flattening the curve on this whole COVID-19 crisis. While things may seem at a standstill, life certainly goes on. Winnipeg companies are preparing to reopen as the summer months approach, but by all means precautions need […]

Dumpster Rental for Electronics

time to put it out to pasture? Electronics are a complicated category when it comes disposal. Households and businesses alike hold out on getting rid of outdated and/or malfunctioning devices until they realize they no longer serve a purpose and cannot be repaired or refurbished without considerable expense. But with many regulations in place you […]

Dumpster Rental residential for Dirt Removal

In case your dirt digging project is a bit bigger than this… One of the more common requests for a dumpster rental in Winnipeg as the spring season arrives is for dirt removal. Once the ground is no longer frozen your property is prime for whatever project you have before you. Not sure if you […]