Junk Removal & Bin Rental Service FAQ

“Hazardous materials” are chemicals including but not limited to: paints, stains, gasoline, oils, solvents, batteries, propane tanks and asbestos.

Your bin or dumpster is full when your waste is even with the top of the bin. We cannot safely transport the bin if it is overflowing. If you fill your bin or dumpster excessively past the top, you may incur additional costs. Please see the rates page for the maximum weight restrictions on each bin. Over weight and/or over height filled bins will be subject to a surcharge.

We try to place your bin as close to where you need it as possible. At times, due to overhead lines, trees or the like, we might be limited. We can place your bin on the road at no extra charge. Please note some restrictions apply.

No. When we place our bins, we place it in the most convenient place possible that you requested. Please do not move. We may have difficulties loading, which could result in extra charges.

We have found that if the ground is not overly wet and the bin is there for only a short time, there is not usually a problem. We are not responsible for damage that occurs to the grass.

We all have different projects on the go and they are of all different sizes. If you are not sure what size will best suit your needs, call us and we will assist you in choosing what is best for you.

The 15 and 20 cubic yard dumpsters have a large hinged door on one side. You may open and carry waste in and close when it is getting too full.