Commercial Junk Removal/Disposal and Waste Bin Rental

Commercial Junk Removal Winnipeg

As a commercial business you can’t afford to leave junk and waste laying in wait. You’ve got customers or clients coming by, along with staff, third party vendors, and the general public to boot. Not only is the clutter an eyesore, which is bad for business in itself, you may have liability concerns to contend with should the pileup lead to personal injury or property damage in some shape or form. Simply put, every day that goes by without clearing your space is one where potential for negative impact significantly grows.

The good news, is that you’ve got options for prompt removal at your shop, office, of facility doorstep, no matter where in the Greater Winnipeg area that may be.

Our Commercial Services

Whether you want to manage your own load and simply need a receptacle to place it all in, or need someone to come and load it and haul it away for you, or some combination of the above, we’ve got you covered. There’s no commercial job too big or small.

Why You May Need Our Commercial Services 

Whether your project is underway or on the near horizon, there are a variety of scenarios that call for our unique service offering. These include (but are not exclusive to) the following:

  • Commercial renovation
  • Commercial relocation
  • Commercial expansion
  • Flooding, fire, or other unfortunate event that has resulted in product and/or equipment/machinery damage



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