Industrial Garbage Bins and Manufacturing Junk Removal

Industrial Junk Removal Winnipeg

Junk and waste are words that go hand in hand in an industrial and manufacturing environment. Whatever it is that you produce, also produces a considerable amount of rubbish, scrap, and debris. All of this is a liability if left to sit idle, which is why quick removal is essential to maintaining optimal operations while mitigating all sorts of risk. No matter where in the Greater Winnipeg Manitoba area your plant, facility, or warehouse may be we will make sure your needs are met, while keeping your budget in tact.

Our Industrial Services

The scope of industrial business in Manitoba is big, and the variety of manufacturing services are boundless. Therefore no cookie cutter solution exists to account for your explicit needs. Only Affordable Bins offers the diversity in products (bins) and services (loading, towing, and hauling) to remove waste while protecting your precious assets (facilities, laborers, equipment, and machinery).

Why You May Need Our Industrial Services 

Whether your needs are ongoing or you have a project on the horizon, there are a variety of scenarios that call for our service offering. These include (but are not exclusive to) the following:

  • Ongoing generation of manufacturing waste
  • Industrial facility renovation /retrofitting
  • Industrial facility relocation
  • Industrial facility expansion
  • Flooding, fire, or other unfortunate event that has resulted in space and/or equipment/machinery damage

Industrial Waste We Accommodate

  • Heavy machinery in disrepair
  • Product and machinery parts and components
  • Some hazardous materials (contact to discuss)
  • Manufacturing and production waste
  • More (contact to discuss)




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