Dumpster Rental for Winnipeg Film Productions

Dumpster Rental for Winnipeg Film Productions

While “Hollywood North” is a moniker generally attributed to Vancouver BC and Toronto ON, it seems that central Canada is getting attention from film producers too. Two weeks ago (at press) CTV New Winnipeg reported that Winnipeg is about to become the “busiest place in the country” with respect to film productions. From Hallmark Christmas specials and Stephen King adaptations to vehicles starring Bob Odenkirk, cameras will be rolling through the summer of 2024 and beyond. This is coming off the heels of Winnipeg stealing the spotlight at the renowned Cannes Film Festival (view here). Meanwhile, Adam Smoluk, president of Film Training Manitoba, states that total productions are seeing peaks as high as $365 million per annum. Yes indeed, the movie business is getting big in our neck of Manitoba, and Winnipeg film production set designers are working around the clock to lock down prime locations. A major part of this involves clearing outdoor and warehouse spaces pre-production and cleaning them up post-production before moving on to the next shoot. And this, is where Affordable Bins comes into the picture.

Why Cast Affordable Bins for Dumpster Rental for Winnipeg Film Production Sets Prep and Cleanup

Dumpsters for Everything Your Production Needs Removed

Is your film location outdoors, requiring the removal of brush, rocks, and assorted landscaping obstacles? Or are you taking over an abandoned warehouse that is currently filled with broken down machinery and wares that currently get in the way? Will your production set take-down require the dismantling of props that won’t be used again and require prompt and discrete disposal? Affordable Bins has you covered as we have the most diverse fleet of dumpsters (view sizes) that are built to collect anything and everything (click to view).

Can Deliver Dumpsters to Any “Challenging” Film Set Location

Many Winnipeg film production locations take place in the rural areas of the region. The topography makes for an amazing location stand-in for the Wild West and all sorts of other genres. This presents a challenge for other local dumpster rental providers, but not Affordable Bins. In addition to our wealth of dumpsters, we have a fleet of vehicles including rugged roll-on/roll-off trucks, cranes, equipment, and knowledgeable staff to deliver your dumpster anywhere it’s needed. From Winnipeg’s adjacent prairie farmlands to forests, Affordable Bins delivers.

Production Set / Location Junk Removal Too

We don’t just deliver your dumpster and leave it to production staff to deal with. We will also return when desired and can remove your filled dumpsters, and can return them to you if/when needed. Furthermore, we will dispose of the scrap in a sustainable / responsible manner to reduce your production company’s carbon footprint.

Affordable Bins is ready and waiting for your call, offering quick response time on requests for dumpster rentals. Reach out to get a customized quote for your one-off or ongoing Winnipeg film production.

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