Add a Dumpster to Your Wildfire Preparedness Plan

Add a Dumpster to Your Wildfire Preparedness Plan

“Despite recent rains, Manitobans are being reminded to remain vigilant as overall conditions remain extremely dry and communities across the province have experienced several human-caused wildfires this season, the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) said.”

Winnipeg Sun, May 2024

While BC and Alberta gets most of the press when it comes to the threat of late spring and summer season wildfires, risk levels have been getting higher in Manitoba over recent years. Chalk it up to climate change, we suppose. Even when started by careless humans, the droughts we have come to expect with the summer create an environment conducive to wildfires and brush fires across the prairies and similar rural areas. All it takes is the flick of a cigarette butt or poorly distinguished campfire to ignite an entire prairie plain. As the Office of the Fire Commissioner stated to the Winnipeg Sun, greater awareness and intervention is required this summer of 2024 and beyond. It’s the latter we wish to discuss today. Read ahead to find out why a dumpster rental can be an effective tool in a wildfire preparedness plan for your rural property in southern Manitoba.

Why Winnipeg Manitoba Rural Property Owners Should Make Affordable Bins a Part of Their Wildfire Preparedness Plan this Summer

Prevention Through Debris Cleanup and Removal

It’s one thing for lightning to strike, or for careless activity to create a spark. That part may be out of your hands as a rural property owner. However, if you allow a large pile of kindle to invite flames to your property, you become a part of the problem. You see, the debris that lays about your land is inviting to an approaching fire. Dried out piles of wood, stacks of old tires, upheaved landscaping, broken fences, and old furnishings (etc.) that are left out and exposed on your land help create an ideal scenario for fires to grow. So does a dilapidated barn or shed that should have been torn down years ago.

Become a part of the solution (and prevention) by renting a dumpster, placing it conveniently on your property, and using it as a receptacle to gather all of the debris on your land. Affordable Bins has dumpsters for wood scrap, fence tear downs, landscaping waste, and general farm (click here) and barnyard (click here) cleanup. Once filled, simply call Affordable Bins to come pickup the dumpster and remove the dry debris from your property. Should a fire arrive before pickup, the dumpster will help provide protection.

Prevention Through Adjacent Tree and Brush Removal

Debris isn’t the only kindle to be concerned about. Barns, sheds, and farm/ranch houses may have large trees and brush located directly adjacent to the spaces which inflates wildfire risk. If practical, considering removing those that tend to get especially dry during summer droughts. Affordable Bins has dumpsters available for tree removal (learn more here) and brush removal (view here).

Post-Fire Cleanup and Removal

In the unfortunate event of a wildfire, a dumpster rental provides rural property owners with an immediate and efficient solution for cleanup and removal of fire damaged debris. We certainly all hope that it never comes to this, but it’s wise to be prepared with an on-site dumpster should risk levels be elevated at any given moment this summer. Click to view more on the advantages of dumpster rentals for fire damaged properties.

Affordable Bins is ready and waiting for your call, offering quick response time on requests for dumpster rentals. If drought conditions are on the horizon this season (monitor wildfire risk for Winnipeg here) get ahead of it by renting a dumpster. If the weather or manmade event does not occur, you can take advantage of having a very cost-efficient (click to view rates) receptacle on-site to take care of standard cleanup jobs that the summer months generally call for.

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