Dumpster for Tree Removal

Dumpster for Tree Removal

Do you have an up and coming project that requires the takedown of a large tree? Whether clearing a commercial or residential exterior space, there’s one thing you need to do before calling out “timber” – secure a large bin that can manage the landscaping load. If your property is located in the greater Winnipeg area there’s only one company to call to rent a dumpster for tree removal. Let’s review!

Why Choose Affordable Bins for When You Need a Receptacle for a Taken Down Tree in the Winnipeg Area

Bin Sizes for All Types (and sizes) of Trees

We have expertly manufactured dumpster bins in a variety of square-footage to manage tree removal of all shapes and sizes. Our 7, 15, and 20-cubic yard bins are frequently employed for tree removal projects. No matter how tall and wide, and how many branches the perennial beast may have, our bins can handle the load, right down to the stump and roots!

Accommodates Other Landscaping Waste Too

Our dumpsters are equally appropriate for the gathering of all other forms of landscaping waste. This includes nearby bushes, dug up clumps of debris, and even large rocks and boulders. We’re Winnipeg’s “dumpster rental for everything” company.

Can Place it Wherever You Need It

The tree you need to take down may not be conveniently located along a street with easy access to parking. This makes your task all the more daunting, and is what removes nearly all other commercial/residential bin rental companies from the equation. Most are only capable of dropping off a dumpster in a designated and well-paved zone. This is a problem Affordable Bins pledged to solve when we started our service, and one we did indeed find a solution to. We have secured the vehicles, equipment, and machinery (including roll-on roll-off flat beds along with crane systems) needed, and hired the expert staff required, to deliver, place, and position our bins wherever desired. It doesn’t matter if your tree removal will occur in the back lot of an industrial center, in the backyard of a large residential property, or on the slopes of farmland in the southern Manitoba service area. If logistically feasible, we will put your dumpster rental exactly where you need it. 

We’ll Take the Tree Away Too

In addition to being Winnipeg’s dumpster for tree removal “go-to”, we’re the region’s junk removal expert. Once the tree and all of its appendages have been loaded into your rented bin, we’ll return at your beckon call and remove it and responsibly dispose of it for you. Learn more about our junk (tree) removal service here.

We conclude with reference to another big benefit which is right here in the Affordable Bins name. In addition to enjoying all of the dumpster rental features and benefits above, we are the most cost efficient service in town. View our rates right here, or simply give us a call for an estimate on your unique tree removal project.

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