Business Closure Dumpster Rental

Business Closure Dumpster Rental

Have you inherited the job of having to clean-up the mess left behind from a recent business closure? Whether you’re the commercial property landlord, new tenant coming in to set up shop, or some other invested party, you need a helping hand. If located in the Greater Winnipeg area you have just found the solution. Below is a breakdown of why you should choose Affordable Bins to assist with your business closure clean-up.

Why You Should Choose Affordable Bins’ Dumpster Rental Service When You Need to Clear Out a Closed Down Business

Leaving It As is Creates Risk

The last business owner may have left quite the mess in or adjacent to the commercial space. You may be tempted to leave it as is until you’re ready to have junk removers come and whisk it away. This creates risk. For one, it invites trespass and criminal mischief as scavengers show up in droves in an attempt to squeeze a dollar out of scrap and abandoned equipment. A commercial junk pile also invites pest infestation, something that may remain even when new tenants take up occupancy of the shop space. The scrap pile also introduces injury liability risk due to the fact that it creates physical obstacles for visiting contractors and other parties. It also increases the odds of fire damage should there be flammable and/or combustable items in the mix. To avoid all of these risks and more, rent a dumpster and toss it all in – out of sight and peace of mind. Affordable Bins has the dumpster sizes you need (view here) to manage any load left behind.

We Offer Junk Removal Too

When we mentioned the need for business closure junk removal above we were setting the table for this next benefit in partnering with Affordable Bins. In addition to dumpster rental, we also offer commercial junk removal service in the Greater Winnipeg area. Once all of the scrap from the closed down business has been tossed into the bin, we will come and take it away for you. View rates and more for our junk removal service.

Most Cost Efficient Solution in Winnipeg

Whether a property landlord, new commercial tenant, or some other invested party, you need to reduce your expenditure wherever you can. This is especially true seeing as you’ve been tasked with scrap removal from the prior occupier. Well, not only do we offer Winnipeg access to the largest fleet of dumpsters (and supporting equipment) and follow-up junk removal, we do so at the most cost efficient rates. Find out how much you’ll save by calling 204.222.6004 for a quote.

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