Dumpster for Abandoned House and Property Clean Up

Dumpster for Abandoned House and Property Clean Up

Have you inherited the unfortunate job of having to cleanup and clear out an abandoned house and surrounding landscape in the greater Winnipeg area? The moment you first walk up to the property is disheartening. The mind races in an attempt to figure out what to do with the junk that has accumulated over the months, possibly years. While you could spend weeks sorting through it all, there’s ultimately only one thing to do – bring in a large dumpster and toss it all in. But of course, not any dumpster rental service will do for this particular workload. You need Affordable Bins. Here’s why.

How Affordable Bins Dumpster Rental Service Will Help You Manage Cleanup for an Abandoned Property in the Greater Winnipeg Area

Bin Sizes for Properties Big and Small

Whether you are charged with clearing out a small single detached home, or a large dilapidated house on rural land, we have the dumpster sizes you require. Our fleet includes 3-cubic, 7-cubic, 15-cubic, and 20-cubic yard bins. This is also great to know should you need more than one. For instance, you may want to position a large bin in the alley to collect old furniture, appliances, and household scrap, while placing a smaller one by the front yard for landscaping waste. Whatever the case may be you have the options you need with Affordable Bins. Seeing as you may have demolition on the mind you’ll also enjoy access to our concrete dumpsters. When we state that we have dumpsters for everything, we mean it!

For Those Hard to Reach Places

Not everything will be laying in wait in the back alley of an abandoned house. In some cases junk may have accumulated in an inconvenient place that most dumpster rental providers can’t access. Having seen and been through it all, Affordable Bins has secured the necessary vehicles and machinery to get bins placed exactly where you need them (within reason) using roll-off flatbeds and craning systems as needed. Our crew has expert knowledge in the process – if it can be done they will figure it out for you.

For Rural Locations Outside of Winnipeg

Abandoned properties within city limits get snatched up fairly quickly by developers as they scramble to fill the demand for residential inventory. The rural areas surrounding Winnipeg aren’t so lucky, which is why it’s a safe bet that if you’re tasked with an abandoned house clean up, it’s probably outside of the service area of most dumpster rental companies. That’s not the case with Affordable Bins. Our service area extends to Anola, Headingley, La Salle, Oakbank, Rosser, Selkirk, Stony Mountain, Warren and more.

Abandoned Property Junk Removal Too

Have a good look at the featured image of this article. Even if you glove-up and toss it all into a large dumpster, you would still have to haul it all to the dump and respective recycling facilities. That doubles your workload. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pass those duties on to someone else? Well, you don’t have to go out and find a separate (and reasonably priced) service provider. In addition to having the most cost efficient dumpster rental service, we also provide junk removal too. All that you need to do is throw everything (kitchen sink included) into the bin and give us a ring when it’s filled to the brim. We will come at a time that’s convenient for you, and will manage all of the responsible disposal. View more on our junk removal service.

Get a Dumpster (and Junk Removal) for Your Abandoned House Clean Up

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