Dumpster Rental and Removal Service for Scrap Cars and Parts

Dumpster Rental and Removal Service for Scrap Cars and Parts

From used car lots and auto shops to rural properties and yards, unsalvageable vehicles and their parts are a space-consuming eyesore and hazard. However, removing automobile scrap from an area is no easy task, which is why you may have been putting it off for far too long. Need motivation? Start by renting dumpster. When you rent a large dumpster bin you can start pickup up old tires, rims, fenders, bumpers, grills, headlights, torn-out seats, radiators, engines, transmissions and everything in between. Pine tree air freshener included. Sound good? Great! And if you’re scrap automobile problem is in the greater Winnipeg area we have the solution you’re looking for.

Why Winnipeg Area Dealerships, Mechanics, and Property Owners Choose Affordable Bins for Dumpster Rental and Removal for Old Automobiles and Parts

Heavy Duty Bins to Handle Heavy Metal

From wheel axels to engines and transmissions you’ve got a lot of heavy metal to deal with. Some local dumpster rental companies in Winnipeg don’t have the bins to manage such loads. Affordable Bins dumpsters however, have been manufactured to manage industrial level scrap metal. You don’t have to worry about a thing as you shot-put auto parts into your receptacle.

Bin Sizes You Need

Have parts of more than one automobile on your lot? Need more than a standard 7-cubic yard bin to manage the load? No sweat, as we have a “fleet” of dumpsters to accommodate your specific needs. Our bin sizes range from 3-cubic yards (good for small parts, cables, etc.) all the way up to 20-cubic yards bins. Heck, if you’ve got old cars up on concrete blocks we have concrete bins for those too! View more on dumpster sizes – click here.

We Pickup and Remove Scrap Cars and Parts Too

While it’s great to have a dumpster on site to collect junk car parts, you don’t cherish the idea of having to responsibly dispose of the unsalvageable automobile scrap. And what if you have chassises or mostly assembled vehicles to remove too? Dumpsters don’t cut it in these latter cases. Fret not, because in addition to our dumpster rental service, we provide auto parts and scrap car removal. View more about our junk removal service – click here.

We Have the Equipment and Machinery to Get Where You Need Us

Abandoned vehicles and parts are rarely left in convenient places. Instead, they are hidden in the recesses of rural area barns, under brush in a deep ditch, or even laying to waste in a gully. How are you supposed get to them on your own? Our service accounts for these logistical challenges, as our professional team is armed with the vehicles, equipment, cranes and pulleys, cables, connectors, and flat beds required to get to and remove unwanted automobiles and parts.

Is your auto scrap located outside of Winnipeg city limits? No worries on this accord either, as we have expanded our service area to encompass surrounding towns and rural properties. View our service area – click here.

Most Cost Efficient Dumpster Rental and Scrap Car Removal Option

For the superior and professional level of service provided (everything above) you won’t find a more cost efficient alternative. View our rates (click here) or simply give as a ring at 204.222.6004 for a custom estimate.

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