Dumpster Rental for Apartments

Dumpster Rental for Apartments

The fundamental difference between a multi-residential property designated as an apartment and condominium is ownership. An apartment complex is typically owned by a large corporation which rents out each unit to individuals and households throughout the greater Winnipeg area. As a rental-only operation, the organization bears the responsibility for upkeep of each unit and shared property amenities alike.

If you own/manage an apartment complex, you will have already established relationships with electricians, plumbers, and a variety of contractors to ensure that maintenance duties are maintained without a hitch. However, one common challenge that is often the bane of apartment complex residents is not having adequate access to receptacles for junk disposal. Sure, there are on-site bins for traditional daily garbage, recycling, and composting, but when it comes to larger and more complex loads there is a definite demand for a better solution. Loads of scrap is generated each month, as new renters arrive while others depart. Residents also need a place to dispose of old furniture, appliances, and other unwanted wares. And if one or more units are receiving a retrofit or renovation, the need for a junk management solution grows. Simply put, your apartment complex requires a dumpster on-site for one week, at least once every two-months. Here’s why you should choose Affordable Bins to provide your residents (and on-site contractors) with a convenient and efficient solution for junk disposal.

Why Apartment Property Owners and Managers in Winnipeg Choose Affordable Bins for Dumpster Rental

Bins Sized to Your Buildings’ Unique Needs

There is no cookie-cutter dumpster bin size for all apartment complexes. Requirements depend upon the number of units and residents, along with access points (more on this below) and whether or not the bin will be placed in underground parking, in the back alley, or side of the road out front. Affordable Bins has the city’s largest variety of dumpster bin sizes, with dumpsters ranging from 3-cubic yards all the way up to 20-cubic yards, including dedicated concrete dumpsters.

Equipment, Machinery, and Expert Crew for More Convenient Placement

Having a dumpster delivered on-site will be for naut if it cannot be placed in a convenient place for residents and contractors. Occupants and/or laborers won’t be too excited about having to carry a broken sofa or removed countertop across the lot of the property just to toss it into a bin. Whether you need to have the bin placed in under-garage or near a specific exit that is behind a fenced area, Affordable Bins has the equipment and machinery, including roll-off trucks and craning systems, along with a skilled crew that will ensure that your dumpster is placed in the most convenient spot possible.

Most Cost Efficient Option

As alluded to above, a typical apartment complex should provide residents with access to a junk collection dumpster for one-week, every two months. That’s six weeks per year. While a necessary investment, it is indeed an investment, which is why you need to find the most cost-efficient solution. Well, as the name states, when it comes to the premium service offered, Affordable Bins has the most cost-efficient dumpster rental for apartments service around. View weekly rates here. Even better, we have expanded our high-value service to serve the communities and towns outside of Winnipeg. View our service area here.

Do you require a dumpster rental option with a more customized touch? We’re happy to accommodate your needs. Give us a ring to let us know what you require and we can come up with a quote.

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