Dumpster for Metal Tubes and Pipes

Dumpster for Metal Tubes and Pipes

Commercial, agricultural, and industrial property contractors and other related parties have a lot of different materials and scrap to contend with. Metal is among the most challenging, especially when tubular in nature. The shape is innately difficult to manage, as one wrong move and it can all come tumbling down. And hopefully it won’t be on any sort of an incline. If your lot and/or facility is located in the Greater Winnipeg area we have the solution you need.

Why Winnipeg Property Owners/Managers and Contractors Choose Us for Dumpster Rental (for metal tubes, pipes, and more)

For Scrap Metal Collection and Short Term Sorting/Storage Alike

From aluminum to zinc, scrap metal tubes and piping can be a hazard when left to obstruct the path of laborers and site visitors alike. Fortunately, our sturdy and secure dumpsters can accommodate your needs. For metal tubes and piping you will want to look beyond our popular 7-cubic yard bins (used for common residential construction/renovation scrap metal management) and instead opt for our 15 and 20-cubic yard bins, which are often used for agricultural, commercial, and industrial projects. The reason being, is that one requires greater volume for tube-shapes.

However, not all of the tubes and pipes will be designated as scrap. You may need to keep them on-site for future use as they are integrated into the construction or retrofitting. Instead of stacking them up vertically which creates a hazard (as pictured above) you can strap or wrap them (or not) and place them horizontally into our large bins, effectively using the receptacle as an accessible storage container instead of a place to toss scrap. For this reason it is common for applicable clients to rent more than one dumpster for their metal tubing and pipe management. Our rental service is highly flexible, so if you need to extend your use beyond the originally anticipated week, you can do so for just an additional $10/day charge (beyond the original seven day plan). View rates.

Most Cost Efficient Bin Rental

For the professional, fast (call and we come!), and effective service we provide you won’t find a more cost efficient dumpster rental service for your metal tubes and related scrap. View our rates to find out for yourself.

We Pick-up and Remove Metal Waste Too

Unwanted metal tubing and piping requires responsible disposal. It needs to be recycled and/or repurposed. But removal and sustainable redistribution is time-consuming and can be costly on your own. The good news, is that we offer pickup, removal, and responsible disposal too! That’s right, we alleviate all burdens. View more about our junk removal service right here.

Wider Service Area

Affordable Bins has significantly expanded its service area over the last year. We now offer dumpster rental (and removal) beyond the city limits to service to agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential interests from Anola to Selkirk and nearly everywhere in between. View our dumpster rental and pickup service area right here.

Unsure about the size of your metal tube/pipe load? Worried the project is too complicated to manage? It won’t be a problem for Affordable Junk. In addition to our dumpsters, we have the person-power, equipment (cranes!), machinery, and vehicles to get the job done. Get in touch for an estimate on your unique undertaking.

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