Dumpster Rental for Community Gardens and Farms

Dumpster Rental for Community Gardens and Farms

Autumn season is upon us (at press) and all over Winnipeg and its surrounding townships community garden/farm planners and organizers are in the middle of the harvest. Others are preparing entirely new plots to get ready for the next planting season, and are having to transition old residential, commercial, or industrial land into urban agricultural spaces. A significant amount of waste and scrap is generated throughout all of the above, and we don’t mean the kind that can be reused as compost and mulch. That’s why you require a dumpster bin. The right dumpster rental service will provide the short term solution you need to manage community garden and urban farm junk. And if your plots are indeed located in the greater Winnipeg area there is only one option to consider – Affordable Bins. Here’s why.

Why Rent Dumpsters from Affordable Bins to Manage Scrap from Your Winnipeg Area Community/Urban Garden

Our Bins Are Made to Manage Garden/Farm Scrap

As alluded to above, not all of the waste generated when developing, redeveloping, or updating an urban farming environment is appropriate for use a compost and mulch. As a planner or manager of the agricultural space you are tasked with removing large stones, tree stumps, and tearing down old constructs to make room for planting beds, pathways, and other features to support your project. You need a service that can provide the right sizes and constitutions to manage whatever you need to toss on in. Here are some common urban garden scrap challenges that our bins are tailor-made to tackle (click each line to learn more):

And guess what? Since all Affordable Bins dumpsters are green, they won’t stick out like a sore thumb to annoy fellow green thumbs and passerbyers alike.

We’re Flexible in Every Way

As noted above, we have a large variety of bins to suit your needs, but our flexibility grows beyond that, especially when it comes to timelines. The standard rental period is one week, but you are not beholden to this should you need your dumpster for extra days or weeks. We know that a garden/farm “renovation” project can take much longer than planned. Need to rent for more than the previously expected 7-days, perhaps for an entire month? No problem! We offer flexible pricing (view rates) and have a large enough fleet that we won’t pressure you into returning the dumpsters until you’re project has been completed. Which leads us to the next big benefit of choosing Affordable Bins.

We Offer Garden/Farm Junk Removal Too

That’s right! In addition to providing everything you need when it comes to dumpsters for garden waste, we will also remove the scrap removal headache for you. Affordable Bins will take your filled bin/s away, and more importantly, will ensure that waste is recycled, reused, and repurposed wherever possible. View more on our Winnipeg junk removal service.

Serving Community Gardens/Farms Outside of Winnipeg

Most other Winnipeg dumpster rental (and removal) services stick to the city limits. But we understand that a number of community agriculture projects thrive in nearby townships. In response, our service extends to garden plots from Anola to Selkirk and almost everywhere in between. View our service area.

Plant the seed for success for your up and coming garden harvest, redesign, or development. Contact Affordable Bins today to discuss you needs.

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