Dumpster Rental for Landscaping

Dumpster Rental for Landscaping

We’re in the middle of summer in the Greater Winnipeg area and throughout the region both residential and commercial parties are in the midst of landscaping projects. As you know by now, a lot of waste is generated in the process, which is why you need a dumpster rental. But there are other applications for a disposal bin that you may not have considered. Let’s review them all, along with some notes as to why Affordable Bins is the only solution for your landscaping needs.

Why You Should Rent a Dumpster from Affordable Bins for Your Next Landscaping Project

Efficient Collection of Common Landscaping Waste

You need a quick and easy receptacle for the expected waste generated during a landscaping project. Our dumpster bins will assist with the following landscaping concerns:

  • Dirt removal (and soil, sod, etc.)
  • Branch and brush removal
  • Brick removal (for when you’re breaking down preexisting landscaping design elements such as backyard pathways and more)
  • Concrete removal (same reasoning as for “bricks” detailed above)
  • Uprooted weed, plant, and flower removal
  • Uprooted tree stump removal
  • Rock and stone removal
  • Fence removal

Efficient Collection of Other Landscaping Waste

Once you step into that yard or other outdoor space you will find other things that need to be broken/taken down so that you can make room for your design. Our dumpster bins will assist with the “other” following landscaping concerns:

  • Removal of old or unwanted yard and patio furnishings
  • Removal of old or unwanted play structures
  • Removal of old or unwanted outdoor planters and flower pots

Helps You Sort Landscaping Waste for Appropriate Disposal

Landscaping will mostly generate compostable (as designated by the City of Winnipeg) waste. It is recommended that you keep a 3-to-7 cubic yard bin on site that is dedicated solely to compostable landscaping waste. In addition, use a second or third bin for items that may be recycled (plastics and metals, etc.) and another for those that can be repurposed (wood and metals, etc.). Lastly, another bin can be used for the general garbage that may be found and/or created during an especially large landscaping project. In fact, you can even dedicate a dumpster to hold equipment and materials needed throughout your project. Dumpster rentals are the perfect solution for the sorting, gathering, and collecting at the beginning, middle, and end of a landscaping project.

We Will Haul it Away Too

Affordable Bins doesn’t just provide a dumpster rental service (with drop-off and pick-up). We also offer landscaping waste removal too! Once you have filled your bin/s, contact us for pick up and disposal. Our yard waste (whatever it may be) removal fee is just $81.00 per tonne. View more about our Winnipeg junk removal service and contact us at 204.222-6004 to ask about renting a dumpster bin for your landscaping needs.

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