Dumpster Rental for Moving in 2020

Dumpster Rental for Moving in 2020

Because boxes aren’t enough anymore…

With Winnipeg home sales rising steadily despite all that’s going on across the world, a lot of households in the city are in the middle of a relocation. Summer is prime time for a move, but while the sunny skies and balmy temps may make things easier, moving can still be a major pain. You need as much help as you can possibly get which is where Affordable Bins comes in. Here’s what you need to know.

2 BIG Reasons Why You Should Rent an Affordable Bins Dumpster for Your Residential Relocation in 2020

Fewer Helpers Equals Greater Need

COVID 19 has changed the way people move in 2020. You may no longer feel comfortable calling upon family and friends outside of your “social bubble” to assist with that sofa, bed frame, and 52” 4K TV. Some of you aren’t keen on using professional movers either, as they need to be in constant physical contact with your possessions and will be popping in and out of your new residence. No matter how you look at it, you have to do a lot more of the household move on your own this season, which is why you need hands-free assistance for other aspects of your relocation.

Affordable Bins offers that assistance.

By having a dumpster delivered to your current house, you will have a quick and easy way to dispose of the junk and waste that accumulates during a move. Our 7-cubic yard dumpsters are perfect for common relocation trash, old electronics, and especially unwanted furniture.

In addition, you may consider renting a second or third bin (3- and/or 7-cubic yard sizes) to assist with sorting of non-fragile wares, including bags of clothes, kids’ toys, items from the garage, and more. In fact, particularly responsible households may dedicate smaller 3-cubic yards bins to collect compostables (from the pantry) and recyclables along with items slated for donation to local charities such as animal shelters and the like. 

Simply put, our bins will make your household relocation much easier during an otherwise challenging time to move.

Save Yourself a Trip to the Dump

You have enough traveling to deal with during a move, going back and forth from the old home to your new house. The last place you want to go at this point is to your local dump site to dispose of your relocation waste. When you rent a dumpster from Affordable Bins, you won’t have to. In addition to our dumpster rental service we also offer junk removal for the Greater Winnipeg area. Once your bin is full we will come and pick it up and whisk it away from your property – saving you one or more unpleasant (and unsanitary) trips to the dump.

Contact Affordable Bins at 204.222.6004 today with any questions you may have about renting a dumpster for your move.

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