Dumpster Rental for a Month? No Problem!

Dumpster Rental for a Month? No Problem!

There are a variety of reasons for needing to rent a dumpster bin for a month or longer. Households for instance, may prefer to spread their relocation over the weeks leading up to moving day to minimize the stress of being on a tight timeline. Of course, more obvious longterm rentals are required by residential and commercial contractors, property developers, and the like. Whatever the case may be you find yourself seeking a dumpster rental company to accommodate your Winnipeg area project/s. Well, you’ve come to the right place – here’s why:

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Affordable Bins for Longterm Dumpster Rental in Winnipeg Manitoba

Most Budget Friendly Option

The first question you have, is “What’s it going to cost me?”. Fret not, because we don’t have the word “Affordable” in our company name because it’s catchy. 

We have set our weekly rental rates so low that even when you add them up fourfold (or more) you won’t feel the pinch. Our rates, which include delivery and pickup, run from $169 to $245 per week depending on the size of dumpster/s you need (more on this below). We’re also quite flexible when it comes to longer term rentals and/or multiple bin rentals, so please do call us at 204.222.6004 to discuss exactly what you need and we can work something out. 

We Have the Inventory and Sizes You Really Need

Our most popular bin size is 7-cubic yards. However, when renting for a month it can fill up faster than expected, so you might want to consider upsizing for your large scale project. The good news is that we have an extensive inventory of bins that are available for your longterm requirement. Our sizes range from 3- to 20-cubic yards, and in many longterm rental cases clients will rent a smaller bin to supplement a larger rental, especially if the sorting of junk, scrap, and other items is required. View our complete lineup of dumpsters here.

Extend as Long as You Want

An anticipated one-month project can quickly turn into two-months or even longer. Sometimes you will need the bin for an extra few days, week, or more. When you rent from Affordable Bins you won’t have to worry about sticking to a preset timeline. For every day passed your weekly (or negotiated) rate you will only incur a $5 per day charge – now that’s a deal! With Affordable Bins you can extend your rental for as long as you desire without taking a big hit to your budget.

We’ll Remove that Month-Long Pile-Up for You

In the beginning you might have planned to dispose of the collected junk on your own. A week or two into the rental period you may find that the pile is growing much larger than anticipated. This is especially true of households during a relocation or renovation – as the desire to purge all of their old and unnecessary scrap (old furniture, etc.) takes over. All of a sudden you’re faced with a big burden. But when you choose Affordable Bins it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s because in addition to dumpster rentals, we also offer a highly efficient junk removal service. We will haul away that month-long pile-up of waste so that when you’re done with the bin – you’re done! View more about our Winnipeg junk removal service.

Contact Affordable Bins today at 204.222.6004 to discuss longterm dumpster rental options and more. We serve the entire Greater Winnipeg area and beyond.

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