Dumpster Rental for Home Remodel

Dumpster Rental for Home Remodel

Spring and summer mark home remodel time in the greater Winnipeg area. While the outcome of such a project is exciting, the process isn’t quite as enjoyable. Having to manage all of the junk and waste that comes from a remodeling is one of the biggest pains, but it doesn’t need to be, not when you use our dumpster rental service. Here’s why. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Affordable Bins for Your Winnipeg Home Remodeling Dumpster Needs

Quick and Easy Junk Disposal

Once you’ve picked your required dumpster size (7-cubic yard bins are perfect for home remodel gigs) we will arrange the drop-off date and time so that you don’t need to lift another finger until you need them to toss away some junk. We will set the bin down where ever you need it for easy access during your remodeling project. If you want to schedule a pickup date in advance, that’s perfectly fine. If not, you’ll be happy to know that beyond our weekly rate, we can extend your rental for as long as you need for just an additional $5 per day – that’s beyond affordable! Then, when done, we can come and remove the waste for you, as we offer junk removal services to Winnipeg residents too. It’s that easy!

Use Bins for Temporary Storage and Sorting Too

Our convenient bins can be used for more than a junk receptacle. During your home remodel, you will need to set aside materials for later use, in addition to a number of odds and ends that typically get in the way (and increase risk of damage and even injury). All of these items can be placed in a separate, perhaps smaller dumpster (we have 3-cubic yard bins too), for safe-keeping until you need them again. It’s the perfect sorting and short-term “storage” solution for home remodeling jobs.

Reduce Reliance on Contractors

If you’re using a contractor to assist with your home remodeling then they will likely have told you that they can provide a dumpster as a part of their offering. That may sound convenient, but they typically rent these dumpsters from a third party, and place a premium markup accordingly. Plus, if you leave it to them to remove home remodeling junk that too will increase your overall cost of their service. Instead, rent the dumpster directly. You will save money by managing some (or all) of the remodeling removal on your own, and you can get a head start so that your project moves along quickly. In addition, our accompanying home construction waste removal service is more affordable than that provided by a direct contractor who may also outsource (via markup) the job.

View dumpster rates and sizes here, and feel free to contact Affordable Bins with any questions you may have about rentals for your home remodel.

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