Dumpster Rental for Household Trash

Dumpster Rental for Household Trash

Our service may be best known for heavy duty applications in Winnipeg’s commercial, industrial, and multi-residential sectors, but don’t be mistaken – providing a dumpster rental for household trash is really where it all started. And believe us, it’s necessary.

Community Research Connections (CRC) reports that the average Canadian produces an estimated 2.7 kg of garbage per day. Given that there are approximately three people in the average Canadian household, the tally (sorry, we didn’t warn you that there’d be math) is 2,956 kg of garbage per household per annum. That’s right – your household produces nearly 3 TONS of scrap each year. That doesn’t factor those who are undertaking a renovation, retrofit, or relocation. So yeah, an Affordable Bins dumpster rental for household trash makes perfect sense. Not convinced? Read ahead.

Why You Should Rent a Dumpster from Affordable Bins to Get Rid of Household Waste and Junk

We Save You Time and Effort

Bringing in a dumpster to get rid of your pile-up of junk doesn’t just help you chip away at your annual tonnage of waste, it saves you a TON of time. 

One of the biggest reasons households procrastinate on a purge of unwanted wares is the prospect of wasting entire weekends gathering, sorting, and figuring out how to dispose of it all. By having a dumpster bin (3 to 7 cubic yard sizes) parked in your driveway or other convenient spot, you have a “catch all” place to toss your waste in. Affordable Bins will drop it off wherever you want it. All you have to do is open the doors (or nearby windows) and start chucking. 

Don’t know how long the clean-out will take, even with this quick and easy solution? Don’t sweat it. We understand that daily responsibilities can get in the way of a project completion. While our rental fee is for 7-days, you may keep the bin for longer for just a small $5 per day charge.

We Will Haul it Away Too

There are other dumpster rental companies out there, but do they also haul your trash away if you need them to? Even if they do, they typically charge an arm and leg to haul your kitchen sink and assorted waste to the dump. This is not the case with Affordable Bins. Our partnerships in the Winnipeg community allow us to dispose of, salvage, recycle, and in some case repurpose the junk that your household has created over the year/s. More efficient (and responsible) junk removal equals a lower cost to you. Our junk removal service fee is just $81.00 per tonne of waste. View more about our Winnipeg junk removal service and contact us at 204.222-6004 to ask about renting a dumpster bin for your household trash.

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