Bins for Red River / Forks Waterway Cleanup

Bins for Red River / Forks Waterway Cleanup

The Forks is Manitoba’s top tourist destination, driving more than four million visitors into the Winnipeg community on an annual basis. The 54-acre site features a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences with the Red River being the winding focal point of it all. This makes for a complicated relationship between the two. The mixed commercial-residential hub depends upon the Red River to maintain its allure, but the former invariably contributes to pollution to the latter. This is the nature of population densification.

Last May (2024) eight First Nations filed a $4 billion lawsuit against the Federal Crown, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Winnipeg, over what they claim is ongoing pollution of Lake Winnipeg by the city with Red River funneling waste into the Lake. Granted, the lawsuit came after a sewage leak near Fork Garry Bridge in south Winnipeg earlier in the year. The leak dumped more than 220 million liters of raw sewage flow into the Red River, and subsequently into Lake Winnipeg. The Forks community is not to blame, but all eyes are upon commercial, industrial, and residential properties that run along the waterway. This is expected to persist as the calls for greater care of Winnipeg’s environment are louder than ever. Consequently commercial and residential property owners, namely those with docks and watercraft that rest upon the river, are asked to play a larger role in the protection of the waterway. To be effective, cleanups should be ongoing. To make maintenance less labor intensive responsible stakeholders can call upon various services in Winnipeg. One such service is provided by Affordable Bins (yours truly). Affordable Bins provides dumpster rentals that can be used as receptacles for Red River junk and scrap that collects along marinas, docks, boats, and shorelines. Read ahead to learn more.

Why Use Affordable Bins Dumpsters to Promote and Maintain a Healthy Red River Around The Forks in Winnipeg MB

Bins Sizes for Waterway Community Cleanups

We have 3, 7, 15, and 20 cubic yard bins that will work for commercial and residential properties around The Forks and the Red River. View sizes and corresponding rates for your preferred size and type of dumpster by clicking right here.

Attractive Bins for Waterways

We have designed our brand and dumpsters to be more aesthetically pleasing than the typical dumpster you find on construction sites. They are clean and green, making them visually ideal for placement in green spaces in The Forks and anywhere along the Red River.

On-Site Delivery Where Needed (+ Pickup and Removal)

The featured image above shows a docked boat that is surrounding by junk. No one charged with cleanup wants to scoop it out on to a dock to create a smelly and potentially hazardous pile that then needs to be dragged to a receptacle further away. Affordable Bins, however, has a team of experts in addition to roll-on/roll-off flatbeds in addition to craning systems that can deliver and drop-off a bin exactly where it’s needed for user convenience. Furthermore, we offer pickup and removal service so that your hands remain clean (literally and proverbially) as a commercial or residential property owner near The Forks and Red River.

Waterway Cleanup Along Winnipeg's The Forks Red River

Call or email Affordable Bins to help protect and maintain a cleaner Red River in Winnipeg MB.

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