Dumpster Rental for Furniture

Dumpster Rental for Furniture

Nothing takes up interior square footage quite like unwanted furniture. But the size, weight, and awkward dimensions can make removal from a space a pain in the rear. Plus, there are city bylaws that prevent you from simply kicking a sofa (etc.) to the proverbial and literal curb. Thankfully you have a partner to assist with the collection and removal of undesirable furniture from your Winnipeg area property. Affordable Bins has the dumpster sizes and availability you need to get the job done with ease. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Rent a Dumpster for Furniture Disposal and Removal


Are you moving? Do you plan on buying new furnishings for your current home? Did your spouse go crazy at a recent estate sale and walk away with a bureau that you absolutely don’t need? Whatever the case may be your stuck with one or some variety of unwelcome tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases, bed frames, and more. You’re not alone however, as every couple of years a household needs to purge old appendages that were once deemed essential. Since leaving them out on the front lawn isn’t an option, you need another solution, especially if you don’t have the vehicle, manpower, or access to allow efficient disposal. This is where Affordable Bins comes in. We will bring an appropriately sized dumpster to your house, place it in a convenient spot (your driveway, etc.) and leave it to you to fill with any furniture you desire – just toss it all in! Once done, we can come and remove the junk furniture for you (small additional fee for removal). It will be like that gaudy bureau was never there in the first place.

Multi-Residential Property Management

Our dumpster bins are also perfect for multi-residential property owners and managers. A large 15-20 cubic yard bin for instance, will come in handy towards the end of a month where there may be a number of renters moving out. Either they, or their movers, can quickly dispose of unwanted furnishings when the dumpster is conveniently placed (by us!) in the parking lot or near the driveway to/from the property. Whatever works best for you, we will make it happen. Some property owners/managers request to keep a bin on-site for a month or longer – as a helpful service to current, departing, and arriving tenants alike. Having a large dumpster within quick access is an amenity that all residents within the complex with appreciate. Plus, this will keep furniture from being “unlawfully” (strata and municipal law) disposed of in the alley, side road, or by the regular waste bin. 


Lastly, we look towards commercial businesses who may also have unwanted furnishings. Offices have higher “furniture turnover” than residences as space and infrastructure is updated to adjust to corporate growth (or recession). Wear and tear on furniture is also more significant in a commercial building environment, which further increases the need for more frequent disposal. Even stores have to update customer seating areas to maintain a fresh and sanitary appearance. Given that commercial businesses need to focus on their business, there is no time to waste by solving their furniture collection and removal on their own. Affordable Bins has a fleet of dumpsters ranging from 3- to 20-cubic yard bins to accommodate business needs of any size. In addition, we offer full furniture removal services so you don’t have to lift a finger, beyond the one used to call Affordable Bins.

If you need a dumpster to collect and remove of old, damaged and unwanted furniture from your Winnipeg area property be sure to contact Affordable Bins today.

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