Reopening Winnipeg – How Dumpster Rentals Help Businesses Start Fresh

Reopening Winnipeg – How Dumpster Rentals Help Businesses Start Fresh

After two-months of living with an economic shutdown Winnipeg brick and mortar based businesses are now able to open their doors to accept customers. While Manitoba has flattened the curve on COVID 19 and the city of Winnipeg has among of the lowest number of cases of metropolises across Canada, the commercial sector is committed to doing all it can to keep it that way. So while businesses are celebrating a return to operations, steps are being taken to put a noose around the neck of the coronavirus. Better on-site sanitation is a key to a safe and successful reopening, and maintaining a dumpster bin rental on the lot will help. Here’s why.

Why Businesses and Commercial Property Owners/Managers Should Maintain On-Site Dumpster Rentals for Junk Collection During the Reopening of the Winnipeg Economy

Provides for a More Efficient and Sanitary Solution for Junk Disposal

Commercial property owners are returning to shops and are cleaning house to create a more sanitary and spacious environment for staff and customers alike. They are removing damaged and unwanted equipment, furnishings, inventory, and more. Timing is of essence during the reopening phase so having an on-site receptacle is a big help. But of course the need goes beyond speed – as management needs a safer way to get rid of scrap by reducing the need to sort and handle it by hand. On-site bins make such disposal much easier as junk may simply be tossed in. When filled, Affordable Bins will return to pick it up and remove it as required and return again should you need it for a longer period. While standard bin rentals are for one-week (7 days) businesses can keep the bins on-site beyond the initial period for a small $5 per day fee

Returning staff who may have to handle scrap will greatly appreciate this more quick, efficient, and safer option to junk removal as well. Plus, property management prefers the use of Affordable Bins dumpsters over competing services as we are known for maintaining the aesthetic integrity of our bins, keeping a fresh coat of paint on the green bins so that they are not an eyesore on the lot.

Our smaller (3- and 7-cubic yard) bins can also be leveraged by reopening businesses who may need to recycle and sustainably dispose of products and items that may have perished or become unusable during the mandatory closures. In fact, our bins are used for a wide number of collecting and sorting purposes, something that most businesses need as they scramble to reopen.

Assists with Renovations Needed to Accommodate the “New Normal”

Not all businesses can simply open their doors to be ready to accept customers during this time. Many must adapt to the “new normal” for the interim, which may require renovations and retrofits. For example, shops will have to create safe areas for visiting customers to stand in line to account for limits placed on how many people can be inside of an establishment. Or, restaurants and cafes may need to create or expand their patio spaces to accept patrons given the same limits placed on occupancy. There are a variety of ways reopening businesses are having to reimagine their interiors and exteriors, and this will come with renovations in some shape or form. Having a dumpster rental on-site during this process is critical as it allows contractors to quickly and safely dispose of construction debris and the like. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to receive an estimate. We’re here to help you prepare for reopening success, one load at a time.

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