Why You Need a Dumpster Rental During the COVID 19 Crisis (Residential)

Why You Need a Dumpster Rental During the COVID 19 Crisis (Residential)

Last month we released an article on why commercial and industrial businesses need to rent a dumpster to remove waste and create a more sanitary environment amidst the COVID 19 crisis. Now it’s time to switch pivot to the residential sector, with a focus on the needs of multi-residential property owners and managers.

Why Winnipeg Residential Property Owners Need to Maintain On-Site Dumpster Bins Amidst the Coronavirus

Allows Residents to Quickly and Safely Dispose of Junk

The City of Winnipeg has asked its residents to be more “thoughtful” when it comes to disposing of waste during this time. They ask that people understand that city workers are the ones who have to come pick it up and dispose of it, and hope to minimize their exposure to potential contamination. This concept applies to more than daily household garbage, but to junk such as damaged and unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. Many property owners are stepping up to provide their tenants (condo renters and owners alike) with a quick and easy option for disposing of scrap that minimizes the need to sort (which increases hands-on contact) these unwanted wares. By placing a dumpster on site in the parkade or other nearby lot residents can expediently throw the junk into the expansive bin and be on their way. Once full, you may simply contact Affordable Bins and we will come and pick up the dumpster, remove the junk, and return the bin to your property until you no longer need it. We will do all of the “heavy lifting” for you and your valued occupants.

Provides a More Efficient Solution for Property Renovations and Relocations

Managing renovations and relocations is a significant part of multi-residential property ownership and management. The undertaking is much more complicated during the current health crisis. You have to be concerned about contamination and even a shortage of willing labor. To help ease the burden, you need an efficient solution of collecting the waste and scrap that accumulates through each project. By having a dumpster on site you immediately gain a receptacle that will serve as a “catch all” for junk during renovations and relocations. Keep in mind that bins can be used for more than scrap collection as they can also be leveraged as temporary containers for construction/renovation materials, wiring/cables, recyclables, and more. Since Affordable Bins has a large inventory of bins in varying sizes you will be able to customize your rental needs by type or number of projects. And again, as a bin is filled we will come and dispose of the junk and return it (if necessary) to you for continued use until a given project is completed. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to receive an estimate. We’re here to help you and your residents through this trying time, and beyond.

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