Why You Need a Dumpster Rental During the Coronavirus Crisis (Commercial / Industrial)

Why You Need a Dumpster Rental During the Coronavirus Crisis (Commercial / Industrial)

It’s a crazy time, but the positive news is that Manitoba has joined its Western Canada counterparts in nearly flattening the curve on this whole COVID-19 crisis. While things may seem at a standstill, life certainly goes on. Winnipeg companies are preparing to reopen as the summer months approach, but by all means precautions need to be taken so that staff and customers (as applicable) feel even greater comfort when they step foot on your properties and facilities. Renting a dumpster from Affordable Bins is a big part of that. Here’s how.

4 Reasons Why Affordable Bins Dumpster Rentals Are Essential to Commercial and Industrial Businesses Preparing to Resume Operations

1. Best Receptacles for “Cleaning House”

Many businesses are taking the downtime to “clean house” on junk, be it old equipment and machinery, expired / potentially-contaminated inventory, opened packaging, renovation waste, and more. However, traditional handling of these wasted wares is no longer applicable. You want to be able to glove-up, gather-up, and toss away junk while minimizing touch points. For this reason, you need a dumpster rental. Affordable Bins has the sizes you need, including 3-cubic yard bins and 7-cubic yard bins all the way through to 20-cubic yard behemoths. View our sizes to get the job done here.

2. We Can Remove it for You

It’s one thing to be able to toss junk into a dumpster with minimal handling, but when you have to take it away and dispose of it on your own it adds a layer of hassle (and risk) that you don’t want to deal with. How are you supposed to manage social distancing and minimize your own (or staff) exposure when you’re joining others at the local dump and recycling plant? Fret not, because we will take care of the junk removal for you, no matter how large the load. View more on our junk removal services here.

3. Most Sanitary Solution

Affordable Bins has always been dedicated to providing throughly cleaned dumpsters to clients across the Greater Winnipeg area. In light of recent events we have ramped up our efforts and are exceeding all mandates and expectations for creating a sanitary environment for our clients, staff, and community. These updates include the following:

  • Affordable Bins offices, workspaces, dumpster bins, and vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each and every job.
  • Affordable Bins staff and crew wear medical-grade gloves (and masks, when desired by client) when dropping off and picking up bins, and when disposing of items. Before and after jobs they wash their hands with antibacterial soaps beyond the recommended 20-second minimum and apply a 60% alcohol-based sanitizer to their hands and upper arms so that there is no risk of cross contamination in either direction.
  • Affordable Bins staff maintain the required social distance from clients and the public alike. 
  • Affordable Bins executives and staff will not meet with anyone who has been out of the country in the last 14 days. Nor will we meet with anyone who is displaying any symptoms associated with coronavirus COVID-19. Even if a prospective customer/client has a mild cold we ask that they inform us and reschedule for at least 2-weeks and with clearance from a physician. Should staff report even the mildest of cold or flu symptoms it has been mandated that they stay home for at least 2-weeks and with clearance from their doctor.

*There have been no instances of COVID-19 connected to Affordable Bins dumpster, facilities, vehicles, or staff.

4. Most Economical Solution

There isn’t a single entity in Canada that doesn’t need to cut costs and corners at this time. Affordable Bins bears the name for a good reason, we are the most price competitive dumpster rental company in this neck of Southern Manitoba. View our rates here.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to receive an estimate. We’re here to help you get ready for the return to economic success, one load at a time.

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