Dumpster Rental for Electronics

Dumpster Rental for Electronics

Dumpster Rental for Electronics

time to put it out to pasture?

Electronics are a complicated category when it comes disposal. Households and businesses alike hold out on getting rid of outdated and/or malfunctioning devices until they realize they no longer serve a purpose and cannot be repaired or refurbished without considerable expense. But with many regulations in place you can’t always toss the items in with the rest of your trash. That’s where we come in.

Why You Need to Rent an Affordable Bins Dumpster for Electronics Disposal

For Residential Electronics

Households throughout Southern Manitoba are often stuck with a hoard of consumer electronics that they no longer use or want. They get in the way of relocations and consume much needed storage space in the home or garage. They may even become a fire hazard if left to collect dust while plugged in. 

If this is your concern, what are you to do? Contact Affordable Bins. Our 3- and 7-cubic yard bins are perfectly sized as electronics trash receptacle. We will bring an appropriately sized bin to your residential property, place it in the most convenient spot for you, and from there you can toss in your wares without having to look for the original boxes they came in. Our residential dumpsters are perfect for the following consumer electronics, no matter how large they may be:

  • Television sets (CRT, LED, etc.)
  • Computers (desktops, laptops, etc.)
  • DVD/BluRay players
  • Stereos and speakers
  • Electrical kitchen appliances

In addition to cheap dumpster rental, we also offer electronic junk removal services. Contact us at 204-222-6004 for an estimate on your specific needs.

For Commercial Electronics 

Outdated and defunct commercial electronics may include many of the same items listed for households above, but during a commercial relocation or renovation you may have some larger “eTrash” to contend with. So in addition to the devices and appliances that we’ve already named, our commercial dumpsters are perfect for the following decommissioned electronics:

  • Cash registers and POS systems
  • Digital displays
  • Electrical warehousing management devices
  • Operational computer systems
  • More (unique to industry)

As mentioned, in addition to economical bin rentals, we offer commercial junk removal services to remove the electronic item disposal headache from ever-present list of responsibilities. Contact us at 204-222-6004 for an estimate.

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