Why Rent a Dumpster for Commercial Construction Debris and Waste

Why Rent a Dumpster for Commercial Construction Debris and Waste

We’ve covered why builders need to rent a dumpster for residential construction debris. But with retail, leisure, hospitality, and office space development on the rise in the Winnipeg area the call for our service is even greater in the commercial sector. If you are a commercial developer undertaking a current project or you have one (or many) on the horizon you need to secure your dumpsters through Affordable Bins. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why Commercial Developers in Winnipeg MB Should Rent Affordable Bins Dumpsters for Construction Site Waste

1. Variety of Sizes (and Rates) to Accommodate All Phases and Sizes of Commercial Projects

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to commercial building construction, so no “cookie cutter” solution will do where dumpster bin and container rentals are concerned. You need a variety in size and function to account for building and lot sizes in addition to the varying phases of your project/s at hand. Affordable Bins understands this and has built a fleet of dumpsters accordingly. 

Constructing a mall or office building? Then you need to begin with our 20-cubic yard bins which can hold up to 4500 kilograms of debris. Are you tearing down an old plaza and must contend with concrete waste before breaking ground on a new development? Then you need our 20-cubic yard concrete dumpsters along with a number of 3-cubic yard concrete dumpsters for more mobility and flexibility. Alternatively, you may be constructing a new eatery (Winnipeg always needs more) with a moderate amount of debris to contend with, at which point a 15-cubic yard bin that holds up 4500 kg may make more sense. We also have 7-cubic yard and 3-cubic yard bins available at your disposal (pun intended) for smaller parts and phases of the project/s. View more on sizes and rates here.

2. Helps Create a Safer Construction Site

Safety of the public, contractors, subcontractors, inspectors, and laborers is of upmost importance. Commercial builds are typically found in high-traffic (people and vehicles alike) zones which means that you must maintain a site that is free of hazardous debris and movable obstacles that may impeded upon pedestrians, vehicles, and workers. Not only should all forms of waste be tucked safely a dumpster, you may leverage our bins for equipment and material storage and sorting so that it is not left strewn about the site, which adds an unnecessary public/worker risk factor.

3. Helps Prevent Site Theft of Materials

The same materials that may create a dangerous obstacle for pedestrians and laborers may also present an opportunity to criminals. They are on the hunt 24/7, looking to pick-off valuable metals, wiring, and other materials they may hock on the local blackmarket. If left on the ground or up against fencing the items, be they for use, recycling, or smart-disposal, are at great risk of being stolen. By keeping them safely within bins this opportunistic practice is greatly discouraged.

4. Helps Maintain an Aesthetically-Pleasing Construction Site

Commercial builds are highly visible. If the site becomes unsightly, the public, the surrounding business community, and local governing bodies will take notice. In some cases you may incur fines by violating site maintenance bylaws. At the very least, poor public relations ensue and the brand of your commercial development business and that of your client will be tarnished in the eyes of the consumer – those your client will depend on for future business. By keeping debris, waste, materials, and recyclables sorted in attractive receptacles you will create a clean and downright aesthetically-pleasing construction site.

5. Makes Eco-Friendly Building Easier

As alluded to above, it is not uncommon for builders to use our bins for more than waste disposal – but for sorting too. One popular sorting category for commercial builders that place a priority or green-building practices – is sustainable sorting and recycling of waste. By having a bin (a 7-cubic bin works well for this) dedicated solely to recycling and/or eco-smart disposal you make the green-building process much easier. Plus, our GREEN bins just look the part. No LEED builder should build without Affordable Bins!

Affordable Bins doesn’t just drop-off and pick-up our bins when your job is done. We will remove commercial construction junk for you too, if you desire. All your crew needs to do is fill them up and we’ll take care of the rest. View more on our junk removal service and call 204.222.6004 to inquire about how we can help manage your commercial construction waste.

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