Why Rent a Dumpster for Demolition

Why Rent a Dumpster for Demolition

It seems wherever you look in the greater Winnipeg area there is some sort of building demolition project going on. For example, at press, demolition has begun on a heritage building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. It’s not as sad as it sounds though, as the building itself was a public safety hazard that was at risk of collapsing during a bout of harsh weather or from human interference. The demolition will make way for a new condo development in this up and coming live-work-play community, which is indeed a consistent theme across the city. For every teardown there is a new property being constructed in its place – fulfilling the demand for new residential and commercial properties. 

As such, contractors need an effective solution for the waste created on a demolition site. This is where Affordable Bins comes in. 

Why Residential and Commercial Demolition Contractors Should Rent Affordable Bins Dumpsters for Site Waste

Helps Qualify for and Abide by Demolition Permit Law

Logically, The City of Winnipeg states that a demolition permit is required to demolish any building or structure, or portion thereof, where the building/structure in question is greater than 108 square feet. Applicants must show that they will exercise caution and prevent damage to the surrounding public space and neighboring properties alike. Contractors must be well-prepared, and arrange for a site’s mandatory inspection at the point of pre-backfill and again at the time of final examination:

Pre-backfill – when all demolition debris, including all foundation materials (if applicable) have been removed from the site and before any fill is placed in the excavation or any reconstruction has commenced”

“Final – when the site is in a safe, level, well graded condition after demolition has been completed.”

(City of Winnipeg, Demolitions – Planning, Property & Development)

As you can see, it is critical to have dumpster receptacles on site through all phases of the demolition project to ensure that the site is safe, clean, organized, and prepared for inspection. When applying, be sure to include an addendum that you are securing the dumpster rental services of Affordable Bins – the most reputable construction bin rental company in the city.

No Just Any Dumpster Rental Will Do

This isn’t some point where we talk about our longstanding place in the greater Winnipeg community, how we are a family business, or how we offer friendly, professional, and price competitive services. That’s all true of course, but to keep things explicit to your needs – we want to draw your attention to the fact that during a demolition you will probably have a lot of concrete to content with – especially for a commercial teardown. Using a common dumpster bin will not be as effective and can have you damaging the rental to the point that you’re liable to cough up more dough. The City may even take note of the fact that you’re using unsanctioned bins and ding you too. Fret not – because concrete is of no concern when you connect to Affordable Bins. Included in our fleet of bins are concrete dumpsters. The best part, is that there are zero dumping fees as long as the concrete is without rebar or debris mixed in. The same (no dumping fee) applies to “clean” brick. Of course, not all concrete-based demolition projects result in clean concrete waste, so for a small fee we will pick up the filled concrete bins and remove the mixed concrete waste. View all demolition dumpster bin sizes, rates, and scenarios.

We Come to You, Anywhere in the Greater Winnipeg Area

As alluded to above, we will drop-off and pick-up your demolition dumpsters – it’s all included in the rate. If you want us to remove demolition junk we can do so for a small added fee, unless you have the aforementioned “clean” brick and/or concrete – which we remove for FREE. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter where you need the bin/s placed, our crane truck and/or “roll-off” truck (contingent upon bin rental needs) will have you set up in no time at all. View rates and details here.

Note: When we state a Greater Winnipeg service area we mean it. If your demolition project is outside of Winnipeg in Selkirk, Lockport, Warren, or other surrounding area Affordable Bins will come to you. View our demolition dumpster service area here.

To receive an estimate or if you have any additional questions please call us directly at 204.222.6004 today.

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