Why Rent a Dumpster for Residential Construction Debris and Waste

Why Rent a Dumpster for Residential Construction Debris and Waste

With a large number of residential construction projects in Winnipeg slated for the year ahead contractors and crews are looking for a more efficient way to dispose of site waste. Today, we’re going to look at why an Affordable Bins rental is the best alternative for property developers who intend to run a tight ship and keep their sites free of junk.

5 Reasons Why Residential Developers and Contractors in Winnipeg MB Should Rent Affordable Bins Dumpsters for Construction Site Waste

1. Variety of Sizes (and Rates) to Accommodate All Phases and Sizes of Projects

Affordable Bins has a “fleet” of dumpster bins for residential construction projects of all types, whether for single detached homes, townhouses, large estates, multi-residential complexes, or even entire gated-community developments. Dumpster bins available to you include the following:

  • 3-cubic yards (holds up to 800 kg of debris)
  • 7-cubic yards (most popular)
  • 15-cubic yards (large roll-off dumpster holds up to 4500 kg)
  • 20-cubic yards (largest roll-off dumpster holds up to 4500 kg)
  • 3-cubic yard concrete dumpster 

As you can see, there are options for all scopes and phases of your residential construction projects. View more on sizes and rates.

2. Dumpster Delivery When and Where You Need It

Affordable Bins delivers (and picks up) your dumpsters with a crane truck and/or roll-off truck (dependent upon dumpster type) to practically anywhere around the greater Winnipeg area. That means you will enjoy a service that brings superior waste disposal and removal (more on this below) exactly to the place you need it. Construction crews won’t have to carry (manual or machine) heavy and awkward loads far when our dumpster bins are placed in the most convenient place possible. View our service area here.

3. Maintains a Safer Environment

Safety is priority number one for all construction sites, especially when it comes to residential projects where the general public and crew alike are in harm’s way. With Affordable Bins’ appropriately sized and sturdy receptacles holding and securing the waste-load you won’t have to worry about dangerous items being strewn about the site. The potential for on-site accidents is therefore reduced which is critical to mitigating liability risk and costs incurred from worker injury.

4. Maintains an Aesthetically Pleasing Site

A messy construction site in a commercial zone may be more forgiving, but it’s absolutely unacceptable when near or smack dab in the middle of a residential community. It’s a surefire way to garner bad PR for your construction company. Keeping waste and debris in dumpsters, and even allocating smaller bins for construction materials is essential to maintaining a clean site. However, this goal can backfire when you’re delivered with rusty and dented receptacles that look just as bad as the waste you’re attempting to hide. Unfortunately this is often the case with dumpster providers in Southern Manitoba. But with Affordable Bins proprietary, proud, green-painted, and clean bins situated on your construction site, local residents will have no cause for protest. 

5. Construction Debris Removal Too

We don’t just come and pick up our bins when your job is done, we will remove the junk for you too if you desire. All your crew needs to do is fill them up and we’ll take care of the rest. View more on our junk removal service and call 204.222.6004 to inquire about how we can help manage your residential construction waste.

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