Why Rent a Dumpster to Clean Out Your Garage

Why Rent a Dumpster to Clean Out Your Garage

There’s nary a more unsightly space that a cluttered garage. Whether you’re a professional mechanic operating out of a brick and mortar station or a gearhead working from of your own enclosed carport, keeping a clean space is critical to safety and efficiency alike. Simply put, you need to overhaul your work (and storage) area at least once per year, but before you get started you will want to rent a dumpster bin. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Affordable Bins Dumpster to Clean Out Your Garage

1. It’s the Most Convenient Way to Collect Junk from Your Space

Affordable Bins will deliver the dumpster right to the front of your garage door so that all you need to do is pick-up and toss waste right into the sturdy and expansive receptacle. There’s really no further explanation required for this primary benefit – it’s simply the most convenient way to collect the junk you’ve accumulated within over the last year (or more).

2. It’s a Safer Way to Dispose of Garage Waste

Whether visible or not, the junk in your garage carries a surface film of flammables, including oil, gas, lubricants, and a variety of chemicals commonly found within the workspace. This flammable film will turn wood, plastics, and other items into dangerous kindle with the slightest spark. When gathering it all up you need to place it in an fire retardant receptacle for safe keeping until it can be adequately disposed of. Constructed with heavy gauge steel floors, sides and pockets along with fully welded in-seams steel, Affordable Bins’ containers are the solution you need. 

3. Bins Make Sorting Easier Too

Not everything that appears to be junk in your garage is actually junk. By having more than one 3-cubic or 7-cubic yard bin (or some combination of) on site you can effectively collect and sort items into a variety of categories, including pure waste, recyclables, salvage, resale items, tools, and more (as applicable). From there you can make more educated decisions about what to do with it all, and return the items that you still need to their proper and newly organized place.

4. Let’s You Keep Working

As a professional mechanic or self-professed gearhead you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. You probably won’t get your garage cleaned out in one or two days. But when you attempt to do the job without having a dumpster on site you will end up creating an even bigger mess than what you started with as you take items out of their original resting place and set them aside for future removal. This makes working on projects within the garage darn near impossible and creates an unsafe environment for yourself and clients, staff, and visitors (where applicable). However, when you rent a dumpster bin for an extended period, you have a safe and aesthetically pleasing place to gather waste. With that taken care of you can clean out the garage at your own pace while still working on professional/personal projects. 

Affordable Bins are typically rented out for seven days, and after seven days there is only a small $5 per day charge. View rates, sizes, and terms here.

5. Junk Removal Too

Another major benefit of renting a garage dumpster from Affordable Bins is the fact that we offer junk removal services too, for a small additional fee. You can load up your waste and get back to doing what you do while we take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

Contact us today at 204.222.6004 to discuss your estimate, and view our Southern Manitoba service area here.

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