Dumpster Rental for House Clean Out

Dumpster Rental for House Clean Out

Is it time to clean house, literally? You’ve come to the right place. While most residences rent our bins for renovations or relocations a dumpster is also a perfect solution for those in desperate need of a top to bottom house clean out. Let’s review why Affordable Bins will help you hit “refresh” on your Winnipeg area home.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Affordable Bins Dumpster to Eliminate Clutter from Your Residential Property

1. Drop-Off (and Pick-Up) Where You Want It

Most dumpster rental companies will deliver the bin to your front curb or driveway, but won’t go beyond that. While having a bin on site is helpful, you may still have to cart junk from the other side of your property which can be a real pain. Affordable Bins however, will take the time to find out what drop-off area works best for you, and consider the layout and pathways leading to and from the property to ensure the bin gets placed in the most convenient spot for you. You’ve got some pretty heavy duty work ahead and we’re here to help ease some of that burden.

2. A Bin Makes Disposal So Much Easier

With a dumpster bin conveniently placed (as per the item above) where you need it, you can start getting rid of household junk with ease. You don’t have to sort and carefully place waste outside and worry about damaging the lawn and landscape, nor be concerned about creating an unsightly mess for neighbors to complain about. Plus, having a dumpster bin on site is actually kind of fun, especially if you have your kids (or kids at heart) assisting with the process. Helpers can frisbee-toss and slam-dunk worthless wares into the dumpster and even make a game of it to help pass the time. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy hurling broken furniture from a second story window into a sturdy bin below!?

3. Bins Make Sorting Easier Too

Noticed how we went plural on this one? If you rent more than one bin you can use them to help sort waste along with other items from the home without having it clutter the ground. With easier sorting, you can make more educated decisions about what is truly for disposal, what can be stored in a shed or garage, and what can be returned to the home now that the clean-out has freed-up valuable interior space. With 3-cubic yard and 7-cubic yard bins (or even larger) available to residences you can rent numerous bins (as needed) to better optimize your house clean out.

4. A Bin Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Responsible waste disposal is important in 2020 and beyond, and dumpster rentals help with that. For one, having bins on site removes the need to use cardboard boxes, tarps, and plastic waste bags to sort and collect junk. Plus, as per item #3 above, you can use more than one bin to help you sort the things coming out of your house. One 3-cubic yard bin can be delegated to accept recyclables and another for old appliances/electronics, the latter of which will be slated for eco-smart disposal. 

5. Junk Removal Too

A lot of sweat and tears (hopefully not blood) goes into a large scale house clean out. When done you can step back and look at your refreshed home with pride, but when you turn around and see the piles of waste that needs to be removed from the property your joy will quickly turn to gloom. Unless you use Affordable Bins. In addition to our dumpster bin rental service we also offer residential junk removal for a small additional fee (on top of your bin rental). That’s right – all you need to do is load your bins up and we’ll take them away so that you can enjoy your clutter-free household as it was intended. 

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