Dumpster Uses for Winter Season in Winnipeg – Commercial

Dumpster Uses for Winter Season in Winnipeg – Commercial

We already released an article on why homeowners will benefit from a dumpster bin rental to get through the harsh winter season in southern Manitoba, and now we’re switching focus to the commercial sector. Retailers and a variety of commercial businesses with a brick and mortar in the Winnipeg area will find that an Affordable Bin dumpster rental in the winter is extremely helpful. Here’s why.

4 Reasons Why Commercial Property Owners in Winnipeg Should Rent a Dumpster this Winter

Helps Manage Waste Generated from Large Seasonal Inventory Deliveries

The Holiday season marks a huge revenue opportunity for retailers but it also presents a logistical challenge for medium to large sized enterprises. Waves of deliveries come to your site to fill the demand of local consumers, and while you may not require large bins on site to carry you through all of the other seasons, you probably do for the month of December. When breaking down pallet deliveries you have shrink wrap, boxes, and straps that require prompt removal and sorting in the receiving bay or back alley (for smaller shops). Having a 3 or 7 cubic yard bin on hand will help expedite the process so that staff can get items unloaded and on to the shop floor for quick sale.

Responsible Waste Sorting and Removal at Fiscal End

With the tax year coming to a close you need to score as many credits and write-offs as you can, and when renting bins as a cost of sorting and removing waste for responsible disposal, composting, and recycling you help achieve this goal.

On-Site Donation Bin

’Tis the season for goodwill. With Affordable Bins 3-cubic yard, clean, pine-green painted receptacle placed at the entrance (complete with signage) of your medium to large retail store you can ask that the general public (prospective customers) stop by your place of business to donate toys, clothes, and/or foodstuffs to a local charity that you’ve partnered with for the Holiday season.

Helps With Snow Removal

Winter snow accumulation in Manitoba is no joke and in one night you may find a thick white blanket covering the pathways to your shop or facility. Instead of shoveling it on to the road (which creates a hazard for drivers and people pulling up to park) or onto a neighboring commercial space (a big no-no) you need a place to scoop it up and dump it into. The same goes for snow accumulated on your building’s roof (assuming it’s a single story) which must be raked off and into some sort of receptacle. Once you’ve removed the snow and created a liability-free space for the public you can remove the bin and dispose of the snow in a safe place with proper outdoor drainage, or in natural setting.

View rates and sizes for Affordable Bins dumpsters, or call us at 204.222.6004 today to discuss your needs. Our commercial service area includes Winnipeg, Selkirk, Lockport, Warren, and other surrounding southern Manitoba cities and towns.

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