Dumpster Uses for Winter Season in Winnipeg – Residential

Dumpster Uses for Winter Season in Winnipeg – Residential

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. And all over Winnipeg homeowners are contending with a variety of challenges when it comes to their property. Today we’re going to look at why it makes sense to rent a small (3 cubic yard) to medium (7 cubic yard) dumpster to help get you through the season. 

3 Reasons Why Residential Property Owners in Winnipeg Should Rent a Dumpster this Winter

Because You Never Got Around to Clearing That Autumn Brush

A lot of you simply didn’t have the time to deal with the brush, twigs, and invasive species left over from the late summer and autumn. You need to remove this dead weight before Manitoba snowfall makes matters worse. Having a series of small dumpsters on site allows for prompt removal and lets you sort matter into compost, rocks, firewood, and whatever else may be applicable to your property and unique needs. View more on why our dumpster bins are well suited to branch and brush removal. With the property free and clear of waste you now have an open canvas to work with. Keep reading.

A Helping Hand When Decorating Outdoors for the Holiday Season

This doesn’t apply to all Holiday season decorators. This goes out to the Clark Griswold’s out there, those who take exterior decorating to a whole other and delightfully ridiculous level. You’ve got hundreds of yards of lights and boxes upon boxes of lawn fixtures complete with stakes, stands, planks, ropes, and cables to keep it all secured. When going for maximum impact (which you are in fact doing) you need to complete the set-up as quickly as possible so that you can unveil your creation to the family, neighborhood, and community with the flip of a switch (as long as the circuit breaker doesn’t fail). By having a small but sturdy dumpster bin parked within arms’ reach you can toss packaging, boxes/crates, faulty lights, and damaged decor within for sorting after the fact. And don’t worry about the appearance of the dumpster as Affordable Bins receptacles are well-maintained and painted in a Scotch Pine green, which may or may not coincidentally be the most popular Christmas tree species in all of North America. And when the Holiday season is done, you can rent a bin again to help with the takedown.

Protecting the Foundation When Removing Snow from Your Roof

Unless you’ve got a lines of zinc cables running across the entirety of your shingles your roof probably gets one or two feet of snow piled upon it in the winter. It’s the price to pay for living in Winnipeg, Selkirk, and the surrounding Manitoba area. Snow weighs approximately 20 pounds (over 9 kg) per cubic foot, or 1.25 pounds per inch of depth. Depending on moisture content, it can weigh anywhere from 1 pound per cubic foot to over 21 pounds (9.5 kg) per cubic foot. To keep the weight from damaging your roof, gutter system, and home you will periodically need to have it removed throughout the season. Most people use a roof rake to bring snow down from the roof, but when doing so it lands right at the foundation of your home. This increases the risk of moisture ingress at the foundation which leads to significant water damage over time. Ideally, the snow could be caught in an expansive receptacle. See where we’re going with this? By having a 7 cubic yard bin strategically placed under your roof, snow accumulation can be raked into its target and away from the ground. Once collected, it can be disposed of in a safe area away from your home’s foundation. Or, you may decide to be the most popular person in your neighborhood by making the snow available to local kids for building snowmen.

View rates and sizes for Affordable Bins dumpsters, or call us at 204.222.6004 today to discuss your needs. 

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