Dumpster Rental for Wood

Dumpster Rental for Wood

Got wood? Don’t want it on your property? Then you need a quick and easy solution to rid yourself of that pile of timber. There’s no need to look any further than right here.

Why You Should Rent a Dumpster from Affordable Bins to Gather and Remove Wood from Your Property

The Right Bins for Residential Wood Collection and Removal

Are you in the middle of a residential renovation, retrofit, or remodel? Do you have a DIY deck building project in the works? The resulting wood pile not only gets in the way and is an eyesore, it can invite unwelcome rodents and pests on to your property. Whether you need to gather up unused 4x4s, fire logs, or are tearing down that decades-old garden shed you need a place to toss it all in without wasting time and effort to pile it up neatly and safely. Affordable Bins has the right bin sizes for your residential needs. Our most popular bins for residential wood scrap are our 7-cubic yard bins, although the 3-cubic yard ones are also great for smaller projects and requirements. In addition to providing you with a dumpster rental for wood waste, we will also remove it from your property. View bin sizes and rates and learn more about our junk removal service here. For more on our residential dumpster rental service, click here.

The Right Bins for Commercial Wood Collection and Removal

Commercial interests in the middle of a build or renovation require even more from a dumpster rental company. As a property owner or manager you may need more than one bin, and for extended periods of time. You also need a greater variety of sizes, spanning beyond 7-cubic yards into 15- or 20-cubic yard beasts. You may also require specialized machinery and equipment (i.e. flat beds or cranes) to place bins exactly where you need them without disrupting public and/or laborer traffic and flow. In addition, you require a full-service that will remove filled bins and return them empty for refilling (if needed). Lastly, you’re working with a strict budget and need an option that delivers on all of the above without breaking your coffers. Only one dumpster rental company in Winnipeg can expertly cover all of those bases – Affordable Bins. View bin sizes and rates and learn more about our junk removal service. For more on our commercial dumpster rental service, click here.

Responsible Wood Collection and Removal

While you want the wood pile gone from your property, you don’t want it tossed aside to decay and be laid to waste. That said, you have no time to figure out how to get your wood scrap into the hands of a reclaimed wood carpenter, builder, or community program. Don’t sweat it, as we already have those relationships in place. Leave it all in our hands and we will make sure that your wood scrap is removed and redistributed in a responsible manner. Nothing is squandered.

Contact Affordable Bins for dumpster rental (and removal) for your timber, lumber, logs, or anything else that needs collection and disposal. Call us at 204.222.6004.

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