Dumpster Rental for Businesses – Why It’s Essential

Dumpster Rental for Businesses – Why It’s Essential

Does your alley or warehouse scrap collection area look anything like the featured image above? Then you’ve got problems. However, if your business is located in the greater Winnipeg area you have a solution – dumpster rental from Affordable Bins.

But by waiting any longer (even a little) to attend to this problem can leave you exposed to a number of vulnerabilities. Contact Affordable Bins right away OR be prepared for the following:

5 Bad Things That Will Happen if Your Business Waits Any Longer to Collect and Remove Junk Build-Up from the Property

1. You’ll Attract the Wrong Pickers

If your scrap collection area is outdoor-facing, even if gated (as per the photo), it will attract the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of “pickers”, those who won’t pay for your junk. Instead, they will rummage through and create an unsightly mess (even more than it already is) to score wiring, cabling, metals, old electronics, and ANYTHING that they think they can get a buck from on the secondary market. The financial incentive will also drive them to break locks and pry open fencing to get to it.

Place your junk in a dumpster in a more secure place and have it remove each time it’s filled.

2. You’ll Attract Pests

When you leave scrap laying about your commercial space you attract insects, rodents, and birds. This is not only inconvenient, it creates an unhealthy environment as they eat, mate, nest, and defecate on your property. This puts your staff and customers/clients at risk as your space, products, and equipment gets contaminated.

3. You Create Other Commercial Liabilities

Poorly managed scrap collection and removal creates a number of other hazards. It presents physical obstacles for staff, delivery drivers, vendors, and the public. When obstructing one’s path they can easily slip, trip, and fall and sustain an acute injury. Injuries also commonly occur when junk is stacked-up high, and falls down when nudged. Poorly managed scrap collection also increases fire risk. If a fire that damages your and/or a neighboring commercial space and its ignition or spreading can be linked to your scrap storage (or lack thereof) you could be held liable, and void your commercial policies. The latter can result in financial ruin. The low investment (view rates) for a dumpster rental pales in comparison to the risk you take by not keeping a bin on your site.

4. You’ll Deter Customers / Clients

For obvious reasons, businesses even remotely connected to food, clothing or anything that comes in contact with the human body will lose customers/clients if they allow a mess anywhere in public view, be it in the commercial space’s back alley or underground parking lot. However, any business that presents themselves in an unkept manner risks being judged by visiting customers, clients, and the general consumer.

Look, they know that scrap is generated when running a business, but it’s how you manage it that creates a perception about your company. Don’t ever let them see a mismanagement of waste, and instead collect it in a more aesthetically and functionally conscious manner. Rent and maintain a dumpster at your business site.

5. You’ll Get Fined by Governing Bodies

Health departments, municipality watchdogs, and other governing bodies will easily be able to spot a bad situation when you leave your scrap laying about this way. When they determine that there is any sort of violation of their mandates and/or risk to the public they will hit your business with fines. If the issue remains unchecked after these punitive measures are taken your business may even get shut down.

Don’t wait another day to deal with this concern. Contact Affordable Bins by calling 204.222.6004.

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