Christmas Tree Dumpster Rental

Christmas Tree Dumpster Rental

The official “12th Day of Christmas” concluded this week (Jan 5th) while many central-eastern European households (i.e. Ukrainian) in Winnipeg wrapped up their holiday season on the day after January 7th. What this all means is that aside from a few stragglers, most homes and communities will dispose of their Christmas trees this weekend. But since they don’t fit in your typical composting bin they may or may not get picked up from your back alley. In addition, you simply can’t be bothered to haul it down to one of Winnipeg’s tree recycling depots.

We have an alternative.

Affordable bins will come at your call and provide a bin for your old Christmas trees and ensure that they are disposed of responsibly. Does it make sense to hire a dumpster rental service? Here’s when it does:

3 Reasons Why a Dumpster Rental Makes Sense for Christmas Tree Disposal Near You

You Need a Neighborhood Solution

Walk down nearly any residential back alley in Winnipeg right now (at press) and you’ll find a long row of Christmas trees laying by carports and garages. Instead of one household taking on the cost of a dumpster rental for a single tree (which admittedly doesn’t make much sense for those on a budget) you can connect to all of your neighbors and have everyone agree to chip in to have your collective trees collected, removed, and chipped into oblivion!

That’s right, in addition to dumpster rental Affordable Bins offers removal services too. We will park your dumpster into a common area for your neighborhood and everyone can toss their respective trees within, and we will return to take them away.

Perfect for Multi-residential Complexes

Condominiums, multi-townhouse developments, and gated communities have strict rules (strata, etc.) in place when it comes to Christmas tree disposal. Property owners/managers cannot allow unit occupants to simply toss their trees into the common garbage and composting collection area. It is not only unsightly it creates a number of hazards (path/roadway obstruction, fire risk, pest infestation, etc.).

When it comes to multi-residential complexes a dumpster rental for Christmas trees is the most logical choice. It’s extremely cost efficient and seamless, especially when you consider that we will take the bin and manage the responsible disposal for you. We have 7- 15- and 20-cubic yard bins in our fleet, which means we can accommodate residential complexes of all sizes.

You Manage a Commercial Complex / District

Not every plaza, mall, or other commercial complex or district uses PVC plastic artificial trees when decorating for the community for the holiday season. Commercial property owners (and municipalities) will benefit from a centralized dumpster collection and pickup system for the natural trees that they need to dispose of. By using Affordable Bins you minimize labor and logistical requirements as all duties are handed-off to yours truly.

Contact Affordable Bins today (and again next holiday season) for your Christmas tree dumpster (and removal) needs. Call 204.222.6004.

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