Dumpster for Bathroom Remodel

Dumpster for Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling an old bathroom? Whether you’re the homeowner taking on this heavy duty DIY project or a renovation expert you need a dumpster to collect the removed fixtures to make way for new and improved versions. If you’re in the Greater Winnipeg area we have the solution you’re looking for.

Why Choose Our Dumpster Rental Service for Your Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling Projects in the Greater Winnipeg Area

Bins to Collect It All

Bathroom remodeling scrap and removed fixtures including sinks, tubs, and toilets are a pain in the rear. They are heavy and create obstacles for contractors and household occupants when left laying about the hallways or even outdoors. They are also not the most sanitary household appendages, something that is worthy of much consideration in 2021 (and beyond). You need bins that can handle the weight of average bathroom fixtures (toilets range from 60 to 120 pounds) along with the tiles, pipes, faucets, countertops and whatever else is being pulled out to make room for upgrades. Fret not, because we have sturdy 3-, 7-, 15-, and 20-cubic yard dumpsters that can accommodate any load.

Dumpsters for Single and Multi-Residential Bathroom Remodeling Jobs

Whether you’re undertaking a bathroom remodel for a single-detached home, a double duty of townhouses, a condominium complex, or hotel/resort, we have the fleet of bins and vehicles, equipment and machinery (craning systems, etc.), and available crew to deliver exactly what you need and when you need it. View dumpster sizes here.

Most Cost Efficient Dumpster Rental

Don’t flush cash down the toilet when choosing a bin for your bathroom remodeling scrap and fixtures. Affordable Bins earned its name for being the most cost efficient dumpster rental service in the entire Greater Winnipeg area. We also offer the most flexible options for bin rentals. If you’ve booked your bins for one full week, but need to extend the rental for a day or two (or much more) there is just a small $5/day charge – that’s it! View dumpster rental rates here.

We Take It All Away Too

You’ve got enough on your hands without having to worry about taking unwanted bathroom fixtures and scrap to the dump and recycling facilities. That’s a whole day down the drain. The good news, is that when you choose our service, you not only get the best dumpsters for bathroom remodels, you get the best junk removal service too. View more about our junk removal service here and view our Manitoba service area here.

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