Pickup Truck vs Dumpster Rental for Junk Removal?

Pickup Truck vs Dumpster Rental for Junk Removal?

You need junk removed from your property and are wondering if you should use your (or a friend’s) pickup truck or roll with a dumpster rental. In every instance the latter is the preferred option, and here’s why.

Why Choose a Dumpster Rental Service Over a Pickup Truck for Removing Scrap from Your Winnipeg Area Property

Risk of Damage to Your (or Friend’s) Pickup

Do you really want to throw scrap metal, bricks, electrical wiring, and other abrasion and dent-inducing junk into the back of the pickup’s bed? Replace the cost and/or headache to repair the likely damage of a heavy or tricky load with the most affordable dumpster rental option in town. View our rates here.

Unsafe Load and Transport

See the featured image above? That is an unsafe load, not only according to common sense, but to the Manitoba Transportation authority. You may not have anticipated such a large scrap pile when originally planning for options, but as we all know those residential renovation, relocation, or landscaping projects create a bigger mess that we ever anticipate. The bed of even an XL full-size pickup quickly fills to the brims and begins to spill. Adding a makeshift barrier (wire or wood) is not as effective as solid hard steel (of a dumpster bin) and therefore is far less safe for waste collection and transport. Driving awkward loads of this nature can obstruct views on the road and if it spills it can cause accidents on the roads and highways of the Winnipeg area. It also creates a hazard in your neighborhood. In addition, when left unattended a pickup full of scrap is more inviting to miscreants as it’s easier for them to access.

Much More Work to Load the Junk

As mentioned above, renovations, relocations, and landscaping projects always become bigger than anticipated, as does the load. To avoid damaging a pickup truck (as per item #1 above) and work around space limitations you must take care when loading the junk into its bed. You need to sort, organize, and safely tuck scrap metal, concrete, wood, and so forth into the bed. This requires MUCH more effort and eats up valuable time, which takes you further from your goal of completing a project on schedule. But with a dumpster bin, you just need some gumption and a pair of arms to toss it all in without pause or cause for concern.

Our Dumpster Rental Removes Junk Too

We know what you’re thinking. With a pickup truck you can drive the junk away at your leisure. In most cases this is the benefit of a pickup versus dumpster. But not when you choose Affordable Bins. In addition to our dumpster rentals we offer junk pickup and removal too. If the bin gets filled, we will come and take it away and promptly return it if you still need it. But with sizes including 3-, 7-, 15-, and 20-cubic yard bins you’ll probably just need us to make one trip. And yes, we also have the most competitive prices in Winnipeg for scrap removal too. Click here to view more about our junk removal services and click here to view our budget-friendly rates.

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