Asbestos Disposal Dumpster Rental

Asbestos Disposal Dumpster Rental

Asbestos was a significant part of residential and commercial construction in Winnipeg from the later 1930s until it really ramped in the 1950s. It continued to be used until the manufacturing of most asbestos containing materials was banned in Canada in 1979. While many contractors ceased all application of this carcinogenic material, non-friable materials (not covered in the ban) continued to be produced. For this reason asbestos products can be found in homes and buildings that were built in Winnipeg into the early 1990s. Fast forward to today, and renovation companies continue to find this dangerous compound in a number of traditional home and building restorations. As a result, some properties require a much larger overall than originally anticipated, and some are being torn down to make room for a new development. Asbestos has been and continues to be the bane of older property owners through the province.

As a building/home owner, renovator, builder, or developer you have to contend with disposal of asbestos in the most effective and responsible manner. While your team may be prepared to pull it out from the recesses of the property, you need a safe receptacle to collect it for subsequent disposal. If you’re located in the greater Winnipeg area you have just found the solution. Keep reading.

Why Winnipeg Builders, Developers, Renovation Experts, and Property Owners Choose Affordable Bins for Asbestos Disposal Dumpster Rental

Bins Available for Any Asbestos Removal Project Size

We have a fleet or 3, 7, 15, and 20-cubic yard dumpsters ready for you. Since most asbestos removal projects end up becoming bigger than anticipated we do suggest the larger sizes (15- or 20-cubic yard). But don’t worry – the rental rates are the most competitive in the Winnipeg area. View rates and sizes here.

Bin Placement Exactly Where You Need It

You (nor the community) want the asbestos collecting dumpster out front and center where people can come in close contact with it. It’s also an eyesore, especially in a residential area. Affordable Bins understands this. We have the machinery (craning systems) required to position the dumpster as close to the point of asbestos removal, as reasonably possible. Your crew will be able to toss the waste into the dumpster with ease and keep it out of sight and mind from the general public.

Bins for as Long as You Need

Projects take longer than expected. We get it. Even though you’ve booked your asbestos disposal dumpster for one-week doesn’t mean that we’ll expect back at the end of the seventh day if you still need it. There is just a small $10/day charge for having the bin longer than seven days.

Asbestos Dumpster Pick-Up and Removal Too

The last thing you want to do is task your crew with the end-disposal of the asbestos. You have nothing to worry about, as we also offer waste pick-up and removal. Since you don’t want a dumpster full of asbestos sitting around for long just let is know when you want us to pick it up and we’ll take care of the rest. In fact, we can do multiple pick-ups and returns (of the emptied bin) if you need it for larger jobs. We’re here to help you keep that hazardous pink material from view of neighboring properties and those passing through. View more about our junk removal service.

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