Dumpster Rental for Exercise Equipment Scrap

Dumpster Rental for Exercise Equipment Scrap

Are you a fitness facility owner in the midst of an upgrade and need to get rid of old gym equipment? Do you manage the athletics department at a local school and are tasked to clear out old elliptical trainers to free-up space for weights and better machines for your student athletes? Is your Winnipeg area household trading an antiquated Stair-Master for a modern Peloton?

Whether commercial, municipal, or residential you need to get rid of exercise equipment and other associated gym wares. But disposal of even just one apparatus can be a headache given that it’s heavy, and is comprised of metal and plastics which need to be disposed of responsibly. And no, leaving it in the back alley with a “FREE” sign in the hopes that someone will rescue it isn’t a good idea. In today’s “sue for everything” climate you may be deemed liable for giving away old gym equipment should it be faulty and result in injury. The latter is especially true for commercial and municipal bodies.

So how do you get rid of it all? By bringing in the big guns – Affordable Bins.

Why Choose Affordable Bins Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal Services for Fitness Equipment Scrap Metal and Plastics

Can Manage Jobs, Big or Small

Whether you need to haul multiple stacks of weights and fitness equipment or a single machine, we have the literal and proverbial muscle to get the job done.

For one, we have dumpster rentals of all sizes, ranging from 3-cubic yards all the way up to 20-cubic yards. In addition, we have trucks and craning systems that offer unmatched convenience. The equipment can simply be dragged to the outside of your facility door and left in place until we arrive. We can then latch/tie it up and lift it into the awaiting receptacle. Our bins will be on-site and ready for loading at your beckon call. In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger much less a weight, as we also have a strong and hardworking crew that will remove the gym equipment from your home or facility for you.

View dumpster rental size options here, and learn more about our scrap removal service here.

Heavy Loads and Lifting Without the Big Cost

For the professional and expedient service we provide, you won’t find a more cost efficient means of collecting and getting rid of your fitness equipment metal and plastic scrap. View affordable rates for dumpster rental and junk removal in Winnipeg here.

Responsible Removal of Gym Equipment Metals and Plastics

As alluded to in the intro, the days of taking scrap metal and plastic to the local garbage dump are long gone. Whether commercial or residential you need peace of mind (and avoidance of fines) that your old fitness equipment is disposed of responsibly. Fret not, because Affordable Bins has the relationships in place to ensure that your old gear is either repurposed, reused, or recycled in a sustainable manner.

Alleviate the heavy burden of old and unwanted exercise equipment scrap. Contact Affordable Bins today at 204.222.6004 for a quote and to schedule your dumpster rental and/or junk removal.

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