Dumpster Rental for Scrap Boats and Other Marine Junk

Dumpster Rental for Scrap Boats and Other Marine Junk

Winnipeg and the towns that are included in our service area have a number of docks and marinas that host watercraft and related constructs that connect the populous to Red River and ultimately Lake Winnipeg. Over time, the boats, vessels, and established mooring spaces take a beating from extreme weather (wind, etc.), especially if they don’t receive adequate maintenance with each passing season. Then there are the water-front demolition, renovation, and construction projects taking place to make room for better amenities as people buy up property along the waterway/s. Collectively this creates a significant amount of marina junk. As a result, there is a demand for receptacles to collect smaller scrap boats, parts, and related wares that no longer serve their seafaring purposes. This is where Affordable Bins dives in to the rescue. Let’s review.

Why Winnipeg Watercraft Owners, Harbor Management, and Waterfront Property Owners Turn to Affordable Bins for Boat and Marine Scrap Dumpster Rental

We Have Dumpsters Big Enough for Scrap Boats

Few people think of loading up a busted bass boat, dinghy (small recreational sailboat), deck boat, speedboat, or buddy cabin (etc.) into a dumpster bin. That’s because most dumpster rental companies don’t have the receptacles to manage such a load. Affordable Bins however, has 20 cubic yard bins that can hold a maximum 4500 kilograms (over 9,900 lbs!). If your broken down vessel fits the dimensions we’ve got you covered.

We Have Dumpsters for All Other Marine Scrap

We also have bins to accommodate scrap anchors, engines, propellers, sails, masts, keels, and all other boat parts, whether they are made of metal, wood, fiberglass, ferro-cement, or any other combination of materials. Our bin sizes range from 3- to 20-cubic yards.

In addition, our bins can be used for other forms of marine scrap, including old dock constructs and even concrete pier pilings (we have concrete bins too) that need to be removed to make room for new harbor construction.

We Have the Machinery to Get the Bin Into Tough Spots

Private/public docks and marinas don’t always have the easiest access points for dropping off a dumpster. Affordable Bins has accounted for this, and has the roll-off trucks and craning systems ready to go. Just tell us where you need the bin placed (near your boat lift, etc.) and we’ll get it there.

We Offer Marina Scrap Removal Too

Renting a dumpster is just half of the equation. Ultimately you need it moved from your dock, marina, or waterfront property. The good news is that Affordable Bins also offers junk removal services.

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to scrap boat and related junk pickup and removal. You can view our rates here, but for more complicated jobs we encourage you to give us a ring at 204.222.6004 to discuss options and receive your cost efficient quote.

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