Dumpster Rental for Strorage Facility

Dumpster Rental for Strorage Facility

TV programs such as Storage Hunters and  Storage Wars make it seems like there’s gold within abandoned lockers and units of storage facilities. The reality, is that most of it ends up in a scrap pile. This pile is compounded by the things that current and expiring renters no longer want, something that they quickly realize as they reorganize and/or clear out their units. Then there are the items that renters/clients have damaged themselves, as they attempt to cram yet another box or piece of furniture into a unit that is already overflowing. Lastly, are the containers – the broken plastic or wooden crates along with stacks of crumbled-up cardboard boxes. A commercial storage facility by nature generates a TON of junk each and every year.

Some facilities remove it all annually, some every six-months, while others in highly densified communities find themselves cleaning house every month. Tired of piling it up on pallets, cramming it into unused units, and tucking it into the corners and recesses of your facility until you are able to have it picked up and removed? Not only are these tactics bad for aesthetics, it creates hazardous obstacles and invites pest infestation. So what should you do with that mound of scrap? If your facility is located in the Greater Winnipeg area, simply contact Affordable Bins. Here’s why.

Why Winnipeg Storage Facilities Should Choose Affordable Bins Dumpster Rentals to Manage Damaged Items and Abandoned/Unwanted Scrap

We Have Dumpster Sizes (and Equipment) to Accommodate All of Your Needs

A single size dumpster rental isn’t what you need. For large annual/semi-annual cleanups, or for after a large commercial renter is leaving, you most likely require a 15- or 20-cubic yard dumpster. For general on-site upkeep that you plan on removing once a week or once per month, you may only need a 7-cubic yard bin (our most popular). Or, you may want to bring in some combination of 3- and 7-cubic yard bins that you can use for sorting items for auction, recycling, repurposing, and scrapping.

In addition to having access to a variety of dumpster sizes, your facility may require bin placement in awkward (elevated, etc.) settings that traditional roll-off dumpsters can get to. For these scenarios we are prepared with craning systems that can help place your bins in more convenient locations for quick junk collection.

View more about our dumpster bin sizes right here (click). Or, simply call 204-222-6004 to discuss your unique needs and we can make recommendations for you.

We Will Remove The Junk Too

Renting a dumpster to collect storage facility scrap is one thing, but your needs don’t stop there. You need that receptacle removed from your property as soon as it’s full (or as preferred), and in many cases returned so that you can use it again for the next load. When working with Affordable Bins you gain another solution, as we also offer junk removal service too! Learn more about our scrap removal service right here, or just contact us at 204-222-6004 to discuss what you have in mind.

We Are the Most Cost Efficient Dumpster Rental Service in Town

Gathering up (and removing) junk on a regular basis can put a real dent in your storage facility’s bottom line. But it doesn’t have to. Not only does Affordable Bins offer dumpster rental in addition to pickup, removal, and responsible disposal, we do so in the most cost efficient manner within the service area. View dumpster rental costs (click here) and junk removal costs (click here) or simply contact us at 204-222-6004 to discuss your current and/or ongoing needs. We’ll work something out that accommodates your budget.

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