Dumpster Rental for Rocks

Dumpster Rental for Rocks

Got rock problems? We can help

Is your residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal project off to a rocky start? Fret not because we can take some of the weight off with a better dumpster rental solution for your rock collection and disposal needs. Here’s what you need to know.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Affordable Bins When Removing and Disposing of Rocks and Rubble from Your Property

Our Bins Can Handle the Load

Not every dumpster rental company in Winnipeg will supply you with what you need when they find out what you want their bins for. Rocks and assorted rubble mean trouble for most bins, damaging and denting them to the point that they become both functionally and aesthetically decommissioned. That’s not the case with Affordable Bins. Our fleet is sturdy and extensive, including everything from 3- and 7-cubic yard bins for small rocks and solid minerals all the way up to 20 cubic yard and concrete dumpsters for larger projects that require large stone and even boulder collection and removal. View sizes (and rates) here.

We Place Them Where You Need Them (and Take them Away!)

You and your crew certainly don’t want the task of picking up and hauling large rocks over a number of yards from point A (area) to B (bin). With Affordable Bins this won’t be a job you have to face. Your dumpster/s will be delivered and placed exactly where you need it. Even our 20-cubic yard and concrete dumpsters can be perfectly positioned as we deliver them via our “roll-off” truck for greater convenience. We may also employ craning systems where needed. 

Even better – we will remove the rock-filled bins from the property for you, and dispose of them in the appropriate manner. View more on our junk (including rocks and rubble) removal service here.

Perfect for the Entire Project

If you’re gathering and removing rocks from a given property then you’re probably in the middle of some kind of landscaping project. These sorts of projects generate a lot of other debris, including brush (view more), dirt (view here), walkway bricks (view here), and much more. View more about our dumpster rental for landscaping service, and check out the many other applications of bin rentals in the greater Winnipeg area.

Book your bin for rock removal by calling 204.222.6004 or complete the form found here.

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