Dumpster Rental for Restaurants

Dumpster Rental for Restaurants

Smarter junk collection and removal frees-up space for outdoor dining too!

Do you own or manage a restaurant in the Greater Winnipeg area? If so, you certainly know that  managing waste and scrap associated with running such an establishment can be a challenge. Instead of relying on the existing bins in the alleys of your commercial building it’s time to consider a dedicated dumpster rental. Below is a breakdown of the key applications that a bin rental can offer your hospitality business.

3 Important Applications an Affordable Bins Dumpster Rental Provides to Restaurants in the Greater Winnipeg Area

Day to Day Waste Management

There is a lot of waste generated on a day to day basis when running a restaurant. Granted, a significant volume of that waste must be bagged up and relegated towards composting. But this is where our 3- or 7-cubic yard bins come in. With these bins you will have a sanitary receptacle to store bagged compost until you are ready to have it removed from the back lot or alley. The same is true of your recyclables, as traditional smaller bins provided by the City to the commercial sector often don’t cut it for busier and larger scale establishments. Then of course there is the other junk and scrap that accumulates during the course of business on a weekly basis, including food packaging, damaged dining ware, and more. Keeping one or more bin on site provides a more convenient and clean solution for day to day waste management.

Note: Better onsite waste management has become more important now that eateries are allowed extended outdoor dining permits in light of COVID-19. Free-up space for patrons by removing junk from the outer-premises!

Restaurant Construction and Renovations

The most obvious application of a dumpster rental of restaurants is for renovations, retrofits, or new property construction. 

If your organization franchises in the Greater Winnipeg are and you’ve got growth on the horizon then it makes sense to partner with the city’s most trusted dumpster rental company. We specialize in the commercial construction sector. For up and coming single restaurants, it also makes great sense, as without franchiser model support you need as much help as you can get when it comes to new construction. Lastly, existing restaurants with an up and coming renovation or retrofitting will need to lean on a dumpster rental service to help expedite the process and get the job done fast so. Only then can you can reopen and start serving patrons once again. There is no scenario here where a bin rental for restaurant construction/renovation isn’t essential.

Event Venue Waste Management

Larger restaurants rent out their venues for weddings, conferences, performances, and a variety of other events. A very significant amount of junk is generated in the set-up, occurrence, and clean-up of such affairs. Thankfully for you, Affordable Bins also specializes in event dumpster rentals, which absolutely applies to restaurants offering venue and catering services.

Don’t let waste and junk take a bite out of your Winnipeg area restaurant’s operations and bottom line. Contact Affordable bins today for an estimate on your dumpster rental needs, and find further peace with our junk removal service too!

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