Why Rent a Dumpster Bin for Your Event

Why Rent a Dumpster Bin for Your Event

Dumpster bins rentals are for more than residential/commercial/industrial property moves and renovations. There are numerous other applications that few parties consider, and one arena that can benefit from a bin hire service more than many is the event sector. If you are an event promoter or organizer in the Winnipeg area and you have a sizable schedule planned for the year ahead it’s time to secure a partnership with Affordable Bins. Here’s why.

4 Reasons Why Event Organizers Should Hire a Dumpster Bin Rental Service for Indoor and Outdoor Functions in the Greater Winnipeg Area

Junk Disposal for Event Set Up and Breakdown 

Next to heavy construction, nothing generates junk quite like the combined set-up and breakdown of an event, especially when attendance numbers are high and/or the scale is large. There is the packaging/containment material from showcases, promotional displays, and AV hardware, along with invariably damaged crating and equipment. Then there is the additional waste created by event staff as they rush to complete set-up and breakdown before their timelines expire. Having dumpster bins on site from the very first day of set-up, throughout the event, and all the way through to the conclusion will make the process much easier for the entire production team. Better yet, Affordable Bins will come and remove the filled bins from your Winnipeg area event site, both upon completion of the set-up and final day breakdown, and take care of disposal for you

Organization for Event Set Up and Breakdown

Junk is one thing, but other set-up/breakdown materials add to the clutter and risk of damage when left laying around the event site. Rolls of electrical cables, loose scaffolding, concrete blocks, planks, signage, swag and other items all need to be organized without getting in the way. This is where bins can be leveraged for more than waste. They can be set up where production staff can access them as needed, and return them to their place when not. This will not only create greater efficiency, it will help keep expensive wares from being misplaced, stolen, and damaged.

Waste Disposal for Attendees

Often, the greatest event junk generators are the attendees. During concerts, festivals, and other special events they need a convenient place to dispose of waste. If you’ve been to any major gathering (indoor or outdoor) then you know traditional garbage receptacles are rarely sufficient. They fill up within an hour in many cases, and from there become a beacon for even more garbage as people simply toss food packaging, beverage containers, and more, creating an unsightly pile which can quickly escalate into a hazard. Instead, line the inside (with a recyclable plastic) of as many bins as you need and strategically place them about the event site so that attendees know where to conveniently dispose of the waste they generate.

Sustainable Event Initiatives 

As a promoter/organizer you understand the importance of managing a sustainable event. Not only does it help you gain favor with the public and clients you’re putting the event on for, it’s required by municipal bodies. Designate bins into the expected categories, including landfill, compost, and recycling and post signage appropriately so that people (staff and those in attendance) know what goes where. One of the biggest causes of eco-friendly waste management failure is a lack of space to dispose of compost and recyclables. When event staff and attendees find a compost or recyclable bin is full, they will toss the waste into the landfill receptacle which is bad for green-business.

View dumpster bin sizes (and rates) appropriate to your event here, and contact Affordable Bins at 204-222-6004 to discuss your options. Remember, we serve the entire greater Winnipeg area and beyond, including Selkirk, Lockport, Warren, and other Southern Manitoba cities and towns.

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