Why Rent a Bin for Moving

Why Rent a Bin for Moving

A lot of households rent a dumpster bin for their renovation projects but this piece of equipment is essential for another residential change – moving. If you’re like most people, moving day (more like a week) is a dreaded event and anything that can speed up the process will be accepted with open arms – enter Affordable Bins. Our dumpsters are the answer to your moving day woes. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why Renting a Dumpster Bin is Critical to Moving Day Success 

1. A Place for Waste

First and foremost, the most obvious use for a dumpster bin during a household move is to collect the junk and waste that miraculously forms throughout the days leading up to the big event. Don’t think you have any? This must be your first time moving. A significant amount of waste invariably arrives with every residential move, whether you are leaving a townhouse or single detached family home you need an outdoor receptacle to conveniently collect it all so that it doesn’t get in the way of your helpers and movers.

The best dumpster for this portion of the project, is our 7 cubic yard bin. View more on what makes this size a dream for residential moves.

2. Destination for Donations

During a move, you also uncover a hoard of items that you no longer need, but definitely don’t apply to the garbage pile. These items are typically relegated to a donation box, but that often overflows for those who have lived in a residence for quite some time. In this case, a secondary smaller bin (3 cubic yards) can be designated as a literal donation bin. In fact, given that it’s bigger than your traditional “donation box” it will subconsciously encourage you to keep adding things that you really don’t need, but will be greatly appreciated by the less fortunate. Once complete, the load can be delivered to a nearby Salvation Army or other charitable foundation of your choice. 

3. Can Collect the Odd and Ends 

Even the most organized person gets flustered when it comes to deciding where to box up the odds and ends that don’t quite fit a given category. Once again a bin comes in and helps you organize and designate items for certain rooms, or even other destinations such as a storage facility, should you not want everything to enter into the new residence right away.

4. It Makes It Easy to Part Ways

This one ties into items #1 and 2 above. Most people are hoarders in some capacity, attaching sentimental value to far too many things. Do you have a collection of stuffed animals from the past ten years at Winnipeg’s Wonder Show carnivals? Are you convinced that VCRs are going to make a comeback and are holding on to your collection of VHS tapes? You get the idea. Deep inside you know that it’s time to part ways of these antiquated things, but admittedly you need a helping hand. When you have a dumpster bin on site (backyard, front yard, etc.) you have an ever-present reminder that it’s time to let go. It’s a form of physiological stimuli that can have you act and toss unnecessary items aside and into the bin (for disposal or donation), allowing you to move on with your life. Whoa, we’re getting deep here.

5. Some of Your Helpers Will Back Out 

It doesn’t matter what your friends told you, no one wants to help you move. If the slightest inconvenience pops up, they will use it as a reason to not assist come moving day. This reduction in anticipated help leaves you holding the bag (and quite a few boxes) so you need to have a backup plan to help you when people back out. Anything that makes moving day easier will ease the burden of not having the help you thought you had. Given that renting a dumpster bin alleviates all of the items addressed above, going without one will compound the growing list of things you need to deal with on your own. Don’t let that happen. 

Affordable Bins services the entire greater Winnipeg area and outlying towns. Contact us at 204.222.6004 to discuss your moving day needs – we’re here to help.

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