Best Dumpster for Moving – 7 Cubic Yards of Greatness

Best Dumpster for Moving – 7 Cubic Yards of Greatness

Have a moving day on the horizon? While the general concept of a relocation is great (assuming you’re moving on up!) the physical act itself is not exactly the best way to spend a summer week/weekend in Winnipeg. Packing up cherished possessions and furnishings to go along for the ride is fine but the junk weighs heavy on the body and mind alike. As you empty the contents of your home it collects and gathers in the rooms, halls, and yard and gets in the way of what you need to do. Fret not, because we have a solution unlike any other dumpster rental service in the greater Winnipeg area – the almighty green and mean 7 cubic yard bin. Yeah, we get pretty dramatic about this stuff, but bear with us and keep reading.

5 Reasons Why Our Exclusive 7 Cubic Yard Bin is the Ultimate Solution for Your Residential Relocation

Size Matters

You never think you have that much junk until your start the pack-up process. But once you’ve emptied out the cabinets, closets, storage room, basement, and/or attic you quickly find that you may belong on A&E Network’s Hoarders.

Knowing that you can’t take it all with you, you’ve committed to getting rid of a big bulk of the mess, but the stress of how to accomplish this can take its toll. Most of you can’t exactly invite a roll-on / roll-off truck with a gigantic dumpster on to your property. Still, you need big, but not too big. That’s where our bin comes in. Our perfectly proportioned 7 cubic yard bin is the perfect size for managing household relocation junk loads. 

It Can Take the Weight

Finally getting rid of that gigantic oak bureau with a broken back leg, but worried about the weight? Don’t sweat it. Our 7 cubic yard bin boast a weight bearing capacity of 1,600 kilograms, or a whopping 3,527 lbs. That’s right, it can hold pretty much everything you want to toss into it, kitchen sink included.

Protects Your Current Home’s Curb Appeal

Wherever you live in the highly densified greater Winnipeg area there are neighbors who certainly don’t want to look at an unsightly mess as you enter the final days of your relocation. But most sizable dumpster rentals out there look as if they’ve been around the block a few decades, presenting an abstract of dents, rust, and grime without the artistic integrity. However, with our fresh-off-the-block 7-cubic yard bin, the curb appeal of your current property will remain intact. The well-maintained bin’s emerald paint job blends perfectly in with the greenery around your home.

No Ticking Clock

Planned to be done with your relocation in a few short days? It’s a nice thought, but more often than not this is not the case. With many bin rental companies out there, you may feel the pressure of time breathing down your neck as the previously assigned rental period fast approaches and you’re nowhere near hitting your deadline. With our 7 cubic yard bin, you won’t have to watch the clock or calendar. You can keep this bin for seven days, and if that’s not quite enough, there is just a small a $5 per day charge. You will not be forced to give up your bin – it’s yours until you’ve completed the relocation.

Hassle Free Solution

You don’t need your own flatbed truck to put this dumpster to work. The affordable $169 flat rate includes pickup and drop-off and if you’re worried about placing in the most convenient spot for you (i.e. backyard, etc.) don’t be. With our crane truck, we will to position the bin in the most suitable location on your property. We also provide dumping services for a small per tonne rate. View more about rates here or simply contact Affordable Bins today to discuss a customized solution for your residential relocation. Remember, we are the only dumpster rental provider in Winnipeg with this size of a bin.

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