Retail Shop Renovation Project Plan – Why Begin With a Bin

Retail Shop Renovation Project Plan – Why Begin With a Bin

Is your Winnipeg brick and mortar retail business preparing for a significant renovation? Of course, that’s why you’re doing research on a shop renovation project plan. No matter what you uncover along the way, there’s one box to check before everything else – a dumpster bin rental. There are obvious reasons for needing this (a place to throw junk) but there are some not-so obvious ones to consider too. Today we will detail them all so that you can see why it’s so important to secure a bin before breaking ground on your new and improved store.

5 Reasons Why Your Retail Store Renovation Should Begin With an Affordable Bins Rental

It Can Help Keep You Open Throughout the Renovation

Small local business often fear a renovation because it often means shop closure for a given period of time. This halts revenue on the spot. Therefore, your project plan must do all it can to keep operations running from the very brick and mortar you use to sell products/services. Expedient contractors are critical to this prospect, but you also need a efficient way to manage the waste and junk that comes along with the renovation – which is where our convenient bins come in. Our affordable dumpsters, of varying sizes, boast numerous commercial applications, and helping to keep your store open is one of them. Even better, they help keep your retail space looking clean and professional throughout – keep reading.

It Protects Property Aesthetics Throughout the Renovation

As noted above, our commercial bins help you maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment no matter the garbage generated from your renovation. While ideally a shop will keep its dumpster in a non-public-facing back alley, there may not be one located behind your store. In this case, you’re faced with putting your renovation bin in the public (customer) eye.

While most bin rental providers have an unfortunately unsightly quiver in their inventory, Affordable Bins takes pride in the appearance of our green painted rentals, because we know that you take pride in the appearance of your property. If you need to maintain a bin/dumpster on your site while keeping open for business, our rentals will protect the integrity of your brand – by keeping things clean, neat, and tidy on the surface.

It Helps Reduce Commercial Liability Risk

There is one very pressing concern during a store renovation – commercial liability risk. This risk of personal injury and damage increases when you keep your store open during the renovation, as the public navigates about your property and is exposed to loose timber, pipes, drywall, metal, and assorted waste. Even if your shop is closed to customers during a renovation, staff and contractors are still on the premises and exposed to the same site risks. By keeping the area clear of renovation junk, odds, and ends you will reduce the risk of injury and damage, and your liability to boot. Our bins will help you accomplish this.

An Alternative Place to Temporarily Store Products (and other stuff)

You don’t just have garbage and waste to contend with during a renovation. You also have to temporarily store products and/or equipment while keeping them within reach as needed. Traditionally, you would use small plastic crates to store and protect these items, however it eats up valuable time and effort to pack and fit items into these small crates to the point that they can be secured and stacked. Not only is that labor intensive from the beginning, it becomes cumbersome to unstack and uncrate items as you need them. In addition, many forms of products and equipment will be too big to place within common plastic boxes. Instead, consider using a wide open 3-cubic yard or 7-cubic yard bin to temporarily house your wares. Affordable Bins are the ultimate arm’s length solution for loose products, parts, and assorted items during a store renovation. 

We’ll Drop It Off and Pick It Up for You

You have a lot to deal within during a store renovation, and you don’t want to waste time or human resources to pick up your bin/s, drop them off when done, and legally dispose of the waste. Every moment spent takes away from your ability to swing the shop sign back to OPEN FOR BUSINESS. But when you work with Affordable Bins, you secure a partner that will bring the shop renovation solution to you. We will drop it off, place it in an optimal area so as to not impact customer and staff movement, and when ready we will pick the bin/s up – and if you need, we will dispose of the waste for you. Our low prices include drop off/pick up, and we’ll cap it off with a small dumping fee if you require.

As you can see, there are many benefits of bringing Affordable Bins into your store renovation from the get-go. Contact us today at 204-222-6004 to discuss a custom solution for your Winnipeg area business.

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