Who Needs to Rent a Dumpster?

Who Needs to Rent a Dumpster?

Not sure if you need to rent a dumpster? There are many projects that could be made better and more efficient with a bin to collect and dispose of junk, and possibly more. However, not everyone thinks of a dumpster bin for a variety of tasks. Today, we take a look at a few key scenarios where which people will greatly benefit from an Affordable Bins rental.

5 Projects That Will Run More Smoothly With a Dumpster Bin Rental

A Commercial Renovation / Retrofit

Whether you own/operate a retail store, office space, or other brick and mortar used in the course of providing a product/service, a dumpster bin will be essential to a successful renovation or retrofitting project. For example, during the process, a collection of on-premises waste can keep you from staying open (and generating revenue) as you can’t expose customers/clients to unsightly and/or dangerous clutter. By bringing in a sturdy and aesthetically sound bin, you may be able to keep open while mitigating the issues and risks of staying open for business during a renovation. View more on the topic here.

A Commercial Relocation

Never mind a renovation, your business may be moving on up to an entirely new shop or building complex. A larger but still convenient 7 cubic yard bin can be leveraged to gather and dispose of the waste that comes with the pack-up process, while additional bins can be employed to collect large products and/or equipment so that they can be moved and unloaded at the new location with greater ease when compared to small plastic bins or cardboard boxes.

Inventory Management

If your business has to conduct a semi-annual or annual (etc.) inventory of products and/or equipment, a collection 3 and 7 cubic yard bins can be used when taking items off of shop or facility shelving and/or storage rooms for counting. The bins present a convenient and easily accessible receptacle, making them perfect for commercial or industrial inventory projects.

A Residential Move

This is one of the more obvious dumpster bin uses, but alas some Winnipeg area residents may not consider the application, or know that there are rental bins available for residential relocations. A dumpster bin provided by our company can be dropped off at your current place of residence, and in the most convenient area (backyard, front yard, etc.) possible so that you have an accessible spot to toss waste and hoarded junk until your ready to move on to your new home. View more on residential applications of a dumpster bin rental.

Industrial/Manufacturing Facility Expansion

This is one project that screams the demand for a dumpster bin rental. As your industrial/manufacturing operations grow, so does the desperate need to expand your facility. In industrial parks space is more readily available, and you will often be able to expand the warehouse/facility on-site (versus moving to a new zone). When doing so, you will need a collection of 7, 15, and 20 cubic yard bins to quickly collect industrial waste, junk, and retired machinery. You will also be able to leverage bins to promptly gather up in-use machinery, equipment, and materials (timber, metals, plastics, etc.) and transport the roll-off (15 and 20 cubic yard bins) filled bins to the expanded areas. Better yet, your industrial operation can use our dumping service, which comes with a small $79.00 per tonne of waste dumping fee. Included in the price of the rental is bin pick-up and drop-off, so you simply won’t find a more convenient way to help manage your industrial/manufacturing facility expansion.

View Affordable Bins rates and sizes here, and feel free to contact us at 204.222.6004 to find out more about how we can help with your up and coming project.

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