House Renovation Project Plan – Begin With a Bin

House Renovation Project Plan – Begin With a Bin

Do you have a renovation coming up for a single detached property in the greater Winnipeg area? As you know, before breaking ground, tearing down a wall, or raising the roof (literally) a solid plan must be in place. While we’re no home renovation experts, we are an instrumental part of the process because without an efficient means to managing the collection of junk, waste, and other bits and pieces that pile up you’re in for a literal and figurative mess. Let’s find out why Affordable Bins is critical to your impending residential project.  

5 Reasons Why Your Residential Renovation, Retrofit, or Restoration Should Begin With an Affordable Bins Rental

1. Abide by City Bylaws

The Planning, Property & Development arm of the City of Winnipeg has strict guidelines in place  regarding home renovations. You can read through them all here if you like, but there’s one common theme that exists through all of the little PDF attachments that litter their site – you can’t make a mess during your project. Similar (and often more strict) residential land use rules apply for all of the neighborhoods and communities within the city. By bringing in a sizable bin for your project from the get-go, you ensure that you (homeowner?), subcontractors, and contractors alike have an on-site receptacle for all of the waste produced at every step of the project.

2. Maintaining Curb Appeal

Keeping up to City code is one thing, but you still want to keep the property as attractive as possible. This is especially true if the portion of the home will remain occupied during the renovation. Both occupants and neighbors will appreciate the use of an attractive Affordable Bins receptacle that matches the tone of the natural green flora found in the neighborhood. Whether kept in the back or front yard, curb appeal is maintained with our bins.

3. Liability Protection

No, we don’t sell homeowners insurance, but we can certainly help keep homeowners and contractors from having claims to contend with. How’s that?

During a renovation, a property becomes a hazardous zone. The more junk and waste left about the property, the greater the risk of damage and injury. By keeping harmful elements tucked safely into a large and secure receptacle you reduce this risk. It’s an easy decision to make that could save homeowners and contractors alike a small fortune in claims.

4. Stores More Than Waste During a Renovation

It’s not just junk and waste that threatens to clutter the work and live area during a house renovation. You also have a hoard of construction materials to deal with, including lumber, pipes, siding, spools of electrical cables, and more. That is why many homeowners and contractors rent two bins (or more) during a major project. One is used to collect waste, while the other can be leveraged to gather renovation materials in an easily accessible manner that protects the items while keeping people on site out of harms way. Two bins is a win-win!

5. We’ll Drop It Off, Pick It Up, and Dispose for YOU

Aside from the renovation itself (which includes filling up your bin/s) you won’t have to lift a finger when you use our service. We will bring the dumpster to you, place it exactly where on the property you need it, and return on an agreed upon date for pickup. This is all included in the bin rental rate. If you need someone to dispose of the waste for you, we also offer that service for a small dumping fee. If the renovation, retrofit, or restoration project runs longer than expected and you need to keep the bin longer than the originally planned 7-days (example) it’s no problem, as you may keep our 3, 7, and 15-cubic yard bins for a small $5 per day charge. View the complete breakdown of dumpster bin rental rates and size here.

If you have any questions about renting a dumpster bin for your Winnipeg home renovation project plan, contact us at 204.222.6004.

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